Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project Pomona Review

    Here is something I am sure all parents with children in diapers, especially cloth diapers, can relate to ... finding a pair of jeans for our little ones that actually fit!  We have all dealt with the common occurances of the diaper sticking out of the back, buying a size up so the fluff fits just to have them be too long and just plain ill-fitting jeans. We had very little choice in the matter, until now!  I have come across a wonderful WAHM company that has just what we have all been searching for - jeans for our little ones' fluffy bums that not only fit but come in various styles and are super cute!

    I recieved the Little Wren in size 1 for the Velociraptor a few months back and she has worn them very often. The jeans that I recieved in the Little Wren style are a one of a kind pair because the pair I recieved had the wren on the front of the jeans and the ones available for purchase have the wren on the back.  The jeans are super cute no matter where the wren is placed and I feel HONORED to have recieved this very special pair of pants!  I must say that the are a great fit so far and STILL have a couple months to go!

The cuffs are awesome! They roll up to reveal a beautiful coral colored fabric with sweet little wheels.  I like that I can choose that option for her even when she's a little bigger because then they become little clam-diggers =)

The fit on her cloth-covered bum is amazing! There is NO diaper showing and absolutely NO gaps what-so-ever.  Yet the elastic is gentle ... Not one red mark!

The multi-snap fronts are genius!  This gives the pants a nice flat front, makes it easy to adjust perfectly, and what an adorable style!

    These pants are a go-to item in this house.  The denim is of very high quality and has just enough stretch in them for the perfect fit no matter how the Velociraptor has grown.  I can't wait for Pvt. K's chance to wear these - and whether this upcoming sonogram shows a boy or a girl as far as these pants go it's all good! In my opinion they would be just as cute on a little boy as they do on my little girl! I LOVE gender neutral items, especially ones this cute! And as soon as I see that it's time for a new size the Velociraptor WILL be getting a new pair. Heck, I am already busy looking deciding on which pair ... or should I say pairs!  Yes, they ARE cute but they are so very functional as well.  I have yet to find another pair of pants that have EVER fit my cloth-bummed babies better than these do!


Why Pomona?

"It all started with a silly nickname my grandmother gave me. As these things go that same nickname, Pomona, was bestowed upon my little girl when she made her world debut, but we never really thought anything more of it.

When brainstorming for a company name, Pomona kept coming to mind. So, I did a little homework and found out that Pomona was actually a Roman goddess, associated with fruitful abundance. Specifically, she was associated with the flourishing of trees, gardens and orchards- and the caring for their cultivation.

How does this relate to pants? After all, isn't this a more appropriate name for a landscaping company? Well, I can think of no better blessing than that of fruitful abundance and responsible cultivation to bestow upon a little one or our environment. For me it typifies how I feel responsible, sustainable businesses should be operated.

Many Project Pomona customers already make daily eco friendly choices that really do have a direct impact on their children and our Earth. This nurturing ideal is passed on and exemplified to their little ones in the hope that through them, and subsequent generations, positive changes can be made.

The big idea behind Project Pomona is to produce a single item that can be used over and over; a handcrafted, practical and durable item that accommodates the crazy growth spurts of a small child and can then be passed on and used again.

I do hope that Project Pomona can find a place in your eco friendly lifestyle."

                                                                                                         ~Meghan creator of Project Pomona

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     I hope you have enjoyed my review of these pants as much as I enjoyed reviewing them! Thank you so much for reading, enjoy the rest of your week and I will "see" you next Tuesday! ~Robin =)

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