Friday, October 29, 2010

Feedback Please!

I am hoping to start posting my reviews on cloth diapers this week.  Below is the criteria that I have come up with for the cloth diaper reviews.  I want to have set guidelines for the reviews so that you can compare certain diapers.  I welcome any and all feedback.  Would you like to see something else included in the review?  Should there be less criteria?  Do you like the scoring system?  Each review will be out of 30 points.  Is this too many?  There will also be a narrative at the end of every review with anything else that I would like to add.

Let me know what you think!!  The good, the bad, or the UGLY!!! 

My Scoring System

Price Per Diaper:

5 stars:  Under $10
4 stars:  Under $15
3 stars:  Under $20
2 stars:  Under $30
1 star:  Over $30


5 Stars:  No leaks
4 Stars:  Minimal leaks/ Possible User Error
3 Stars:  Some leaking for long naps or Night use
2 Stars:  Frequent Leaking
1 Star:  Always Leaks.


5 Stars:  Always able to find the perfect fit
4 Stars:  Mostly able to find the perfect fit
3 Stars:  Able to find a good fit but can be difficult
2 Stars:  Almost impossible to find a good fit
1 Star:  Fits Poorly

Ease of Use:

5 Stars:  Very easy to use
4 Stars:  Easy to use, but could be a little better
3 Stars:  Ok to use, but needs some modification
2 Stars:  Difficult to use
1 Star:  Impossible to use


5 Stars:  Washes very well, all stains come out easily
4 Stars:  Washes well, most stains come out easily
3 Stars:  Washes well, but some stains remain
2 Stars:  Very difficult to wash, difficult to get stains out
1 Star:  Does not wash well, many stains remain

Overall Performance:

5 Stars:  Very Impressed, Highly Recommended
4 Stars:  Impressed, Would Recommend
3 Stars:  Ok Diaper, Would recommend if other features are desireable
2 Stars:  Was not impressed, probably would not recommend
1 Star:  Did not like, would definitely not recommend

Total score From Above out of 30 possible.

Also included in every review...

Daddy’s Thoughts on this Diaper:

My Final Remarks:

Also included in the review will be photos of the diaper (outside, inside, close up of special features, and possibly a shot of my little one featuring the diaper).

And of course, not all of the above will be typed in every review!  I plan to post my scoring criteria in the header as a reference.  The actual review will just have the amount of stars (or whatever character I decide on) to represent the score for that topic and then the reason for that particular score.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Stash - Probably won't be getting much bigger...until next time!

And here is what I have.  All stacks are listed top to bottom.

Front Row, Stack One:  Doopsy OS Smiley Blue, Cutey Baby OS Pink Gingham, Monkey Doodlez Medium Lavender.

Front Row, Stack Two:  Tot Bots Easy Fit Blueberry, Tot Bots Easy Fit White, Lil Champs M/L Green/Yellow.

Front Row, Stack Three:  Ecobumz Size 2 Aqua, Ecobumz Size 2 Magenta.

Front Row, Stack Four:  BumEssentials OS Sunshine Yellow, BumGenius Organic AIO OS Snap Twilight, Blueberry Minky OS Raspberry Truffle.

Front Row, Stack Five:  PLUMP OS Mixed Minky, PLUMP Medium Purple Bats.

Front Row, Stack Six:  GroVia AI2 BlackBerry, GroBaby AI2 Wildflowers, GroBaby AI2 Sunset Stripe, GroVia AIO Snap Ice Blue.

Second Row, Stack One:  Fuzzibunz OS Grape, Fuzzibunz OS Cotton Candy, Fuzzibunz OS Mac and Cheese, Fuzzibunz OS Choco Truffle.

Second Row, Stack Two:  Kawaii OS Lime, Kawaii OS Lavender, Kawaii OS Blue.

Second Row, Stack Three:  Happy Heinys OS Cow, Happy Heinys OS Pink Hibiscus, Happy Heinys Large Sage, Happy Heinys Large Light Pink.

Second Row, Stack Four:  BumGenius 3.0 OS Aplix in Grasshopper, Twilight, Clementine, and Blossom.  BumGenius 3.0 AIO Blossom.

Second Row, Stack Five:  BumGenius 4.0 OS Snap in Sweet, Grasshopper, Noodle, Blossom, and White.

Second Row, Stack Six:  Rumparooz G2 OS Snap in Crimson, Pumpkin, and Bermuda.

Last Row, Left to Right:  Fuzzibunz Hanging Diaper Pail in Green Apple, Fuzzibunz Zipper Tote in Choco Truffle, 6 OsoCozy Unbleached Indian Prefolds Size 2, Happy Heinys OS Aplix Cover Pink, 3 Econobum Prefolds and Twilight Trim Econobum Cover, Planet Wise Wet Bag Organic Blue Vista.

Think I have enough?  I have become quite addicted.  But I love having fluff on her little bum!  Can't wait to review those diapers that I am fortunate enough to use!

PS.  I really did not realize that I had THIS many!!! LOL

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - My Little Steeler Fan!

We had just gotten a touchdown!!!  She was so excited!!!

Blog Changes

Many changes are happening on my blog this week!  Stay tuned!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mom Blog Monday

Welcome new and old friends!  For those new friends, leave a comment with your blog address and I will follow back!!

The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Before I start reviewing items, I need to come up with a disclosure to my readers.  I have been researching what to include, but wanted some feedback.  Ideas on what should be in a disclosure regarding the reviewing of items?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Toy Box Fun!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Ergos!!!

Has everyone seen the new Ergo carrier colors???  I am in LOOOOOOVE!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am trying to finalize my criteria for cloth diaper reviews and I am wanting some more input.  What are some things that are important to you and you want to see in a cloth diaper review?  I can't wait to get started.  Up first will be Fuzzibunz One Size and BumGenius 3.0 as those were my very first cloth diapers!!!  After that will be GroVia AI2 and BumGenius AIO Organic Snap.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ergo Giveaway!!!

Would you like to win an Ergo baby carrier?  Go here to enter!!!

GroVia Giveaway!!

Another blogging mama is having a GroVia Giveaway!  Check it out here!!!