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Meet the TMG Team!

Up on Mondays...Jennifer!

My name is Jen--although I am referred to as "mum!" or "Mrs. M!!" 99% of the time.  I am a working mom of my "Cub," Drake, who is 20 months.  I have been cloth diaper-and-wiping my son since he was 3 1/2 months old and it was the best decision our family has made!!  I am a rabid baby wearer--yes he still lets me!--and extended breastfeeder, since my son loves his milk so much and I am so attached to the cuddles.  We have had a time of it with sensitivities and allergies, so nursing has not been without challenges.  My interests include my son! crafting, sewing (I am starting out, so get ready for my attempts!) and teacher related things--which really, are kids and creativity rolled into one : )  I am excited to explore blogging about parenting, fluff, craftiness and being a working mom. 

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Up on Tuesdays...Robin!

Hi! My name is Robin I am 30, married to my "balancer" and a proud Mama of three children DD1 ~ "Jubba" ~ is 5y, DS ~ "Cpt. Caveman" ~ is 2.5y and DD2 ~  "Velociraptor" ~ is just 4 months. I have been cloth diapering for about a year and a half now and my journey opened my eyes to a different way of living - a cleaner, greener way! I have experiences in many areas that I will be sharing with you all. Some of the topics that I will be discussing include, but are not limited to ...cloth diapering, baby wearing, breastfeeding, mama cloth, co-sleeping, child birth, and potty learning ... just to name a few. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you =)
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Up on Wednesdays...Laura D!

You guys all know me!  I am the creator of the TMG blog!  I am a 29 year old wife and mommy. In June of 2007 I married the man of my dreams and I have the best husband in the whole world!  He truly is my best friend and I could not get through a single day without him! Our little girl (Miss A) was born June of  2009 and she is the light of our lives!  She is our funny little "monkey" getting into everything and has no desire to potty train, so she is still in cloth diapers!  We are expecting a boy (Baby J) in June 2012 and are anxious to meet him and get him in cloth diapers too!  Yes, two in CDs...should be fun!  I used to work as a Labor and Delivery nurse, but now I enjoy being a Full Time SAHM with my (soon to be TWO) kids! I started this blog in an effort to help other mamas out there navigate the world of parenting, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, natural parenting, and whatever other topics come about!  It has been a fun journey so far, and this new twist is going to add so much to this blog that I have put my heart an soul into already!

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Up on Thursdays...Jessica!

My name is Jessica and to some I am an extreme couponer but not really. I just enjoy making my dollars stretch as far as they can! I am married to my high school sweetheart (together 13 years, married 6) and we have three children - 4 1/2 year girl, 2 1/2 boy, 6 month girl.  I worked at a local university until I became pregnant with my third child and my husband and I decided that it was time for me to become a SAHM.  I was scared, excited, nervous, relieved, you name it - I was it!  We were suddenly going to cut our income in half - and thus I started my journey of saving money, cutting corners, and making those dollars last! 
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Up on Fridays...Laura B!

Hi, my name is Laura!  I am a mama to 2, my son C who is 4 and my daughter A who is 2.  I started using cloth when C was around 9 months, and got hooked!  A wore cloth not long after birth, around 10 days old once her cord fell off.  I have a love of baby wearing and hope to share a lot about it with you all.  I breastfed both children til they self weaned, C at 15 months and A was around 18-19 months.  I am a SAHM who loves finding natural and frugal ways of living life.  We garden and also can a lot of things from our garden.  I am a novice sewer, but it's one of the few hobbies I make time for anymore.

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