Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smart Bottoms Trainer Review and Giveaway

Small – Fits 20-30 pounds (I was sent a size small)
Large – Fits 30+ pounds

Price Per Trainer:  ★★★☆☆  This trainer retails for $18 direct from Smart Bottoms.  Other popular trainers retail for $16-$20 so this seems to be an average and very fair price.  Plus this trainer comes with some additional features and benefits that other trainers do not have.

Fit:  ★★★★☆  I was surprised, for a trainer with no possible adjustments, it fit well on my daughter at 24 pounds and at 29 pounds.  Since she is so tall, as she approached the 29 pounds, the rise is extremely low on her.  This is not as important since a trainer is not meant to absorb a ton, but it does sit pretty low on her.  Around the legs and around the waist, this trainer is quite stretchy to fit any stature of child.  This also makes this trainer extremely comfy for the child.

Accident Absorbency:  ★★★★★  This trainer is lined with 100% Organic cotton and the exterior is fleece with a hidden layer of PUL in the wet zone.  Additionally, there is a snap in/out insert to add 4 layers of absorbency.  This would be perfect for those early trainers that are still prone to accidents.  My daughter is still not ready to potty train so we had many accidents in these and they absorbed extremely well!

Washing:  ★★★★☆  This trainer washed up very well.  Since the interior is 100% organic cotton, it is prone to stains.  So if your child had a #2 accident, it would stain easily but it could be sunned out.  I was also sad at how pilly the fleece got after washing.  Neither of these problems would affect function of this trainer.  It is very easy to wash.  You can snap out the soaker if you desire but is not necessary.  And if your child just had a little dribble on the insert you can replace with another insert and keep using the trainer or just take the insert out and use the trainer without.  Very easy to use!

Overall Performance:  ★★★★★  I love how easy this trainer is to simply pull up and down for potty runs, I love the added absorbency, and I love how comfy it is for baby.  Highly recommend!  These trainers also come in some adorable (and child pleasing) colors that might make potty training that much easier!

Total Stars:  21/25

You can purchase this trainer direct from Smart Bottoms here.


Pregnancy Wednesday: 13 weeks


13 Weeks.  How did that happen?  I know I say that every week, but seriously...the weeks are just flying on by.

The biggest development this week is the bump!  I cannot fit into anything that is either not maternity or not elastic waist and there is definitely a noticeable bump there.  Not so noticeable that passersby would know for sure that I am pregnant, but they would wonder!  It is so fun to start "showing" and actually feel pregnant.  I didn't really show with Miss A until 14 weeks, so 13 weeks doesn't sound too strange!  It just seems SO early to be sporting a bump.

And it is official, I am definitely feeling movement.  Last night I was sitting in bed and I felt the baby completely roll over.  This little FLOP from within and I knew exactly what it was.  Every time we have looked at this little one on Ultrasound, it has been VERY active, so I am not terribly surprised that I am feeling movement early.  And every time I use my doppler to listen to the heart beat, I feel movement as the baby tries to run away from the doppler! LOL

Nothing else big has happened this week.  Baby seemed to really enjoy turkey on Thanksgiving.  But, my mom put a ton of fresh cracked pepper in the potatoes and the baby (and my stomach) did NOT like that.  Little bit of nausea, some water and tums, and I was back on track for Thanksgiving dinner...I just avoided the potatoes!  Funny how little things like that affect you so much more when you are pregnant!  That is really the first nausea that I have felt the entire pregnancy, so I cannot complain!

Otherwise, still feeling great!  Still tired on and off, but still manageable.  I was really tired the other day (after a bad night of sleep) and I was a bad girl and had a Dr Pepper.  Boy, that tasted good!  With Miss A, I did not have one drop of caffeine my entire pregnancy.  I had planned to do the same this time, but sometimes a little tiny pick-me-up is needed.  My one little Dr Pepper was still less than the pregnancy daily recommended amount and I was out of the first trimester, so I took the chance.  Plus, I actually split it over two days.  Baby and I both enjoyed it!

Something funny:  I kept making a repeated typo while typing this post...I kept typing "boy" for any "b" word. Trying to tell me something fingers?

Food cravings this week:  Dill pickles, Colby cheese sticks, and Fruit Snacks.

Aversion:  Pepper.

How are you feeling?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Smart Bottoms Swim Diaper Review and Giveaway

Small – Fits 8-16 pounds
Medium – Fits 16-24 pounds
Large – Fits 24+ pounds

Price Per Diaper:  ★★★★☆  This swim diaper retails for $12 direct from Smart Bottoms.  For a swim diaper, this is an average price and for the quality of this swim diaper, the price is fair!  For comparison, a 24 pack of disposable swim diapers costs approximately $10-12.  Buying a reusable swim diaper can save you money and waste.

Fit:  ★★★★★  This diaper is made of a PUL outer with Polyester Jersey material (similar to football jersey material) on the inside.  The waist and the legs are elastic to give a nice snug fit to contain messes while in the pool.  No matter the size of your child, the elastic will hug their waist and legs making this a comfortable and contained diaper.

Washing:  ★★★★★  Because there is no absorbent material to this diaper, you can simply hang to dry like you would a swim suit between uses.  If soiled, I hand washed and hung to dry.  This swim diaper shows absolutely no wear or tear from use, washing, or chlorine.

Overall Performance:  ★★★★★  This swim diaper is extremely comfortable for my daughter, it is nice and stretchy around the legs to contain messes but not so tight that it leaves marks or bothers her.  The material is nice and comfortable and it washes well.  Also, this is extremely trim for under swimsuits and easy up/down for potty learners.  Overall, I am in love with reusable swim diapers!

Total Stars:  19/20

Miss A is not feeling well today as you can tell from the pics, she just stayed however I put her...poor thing.  Evil mommy taking photos.


Pregnancy Wednesday: 12 weeks


Bye Bye first trimester!!!!  Depending on which reference you use, some texts say that 12 weeks begins the second trimester and some say that 13 weeks begins the second trimester.  As a L&D nurse, we always go with 12 weeks beginning the second I am celebrating!!!  WOOHOO!!!

I seems unreal to be 12 weeks.  It also seems unreal to realize how big the baby is already!  A plum!  My baby is the size of a plum!  That is BIG!  With Miss A, my pregnancy just flew by and was such an easy pregnancy...apparently (and hopefully) this one is going to be just as nice!  Although I am trying to take moments like this to stop and just enjoy this!  Life seems to get away from you, we all need to slow down and enjoy the moment!

My husband and I are quickly realizing the list of lasts...this will be our last Thanksgiving and Christmas with just Miss A.  Next year we will be a family of four!  I almost feel like we are taking something away from Miss A, almost like we are mourning the end of time with her as an only child.  But at the same time, we are so excited to expand our family!  Did anyone else feel this weird guilty feeling when adding to your family?  I mean, we are NOT waiting until she is 18 to have another!!!  Honestly, she will be just a few weeks short of 3 when this one arrives, so it really will be perfect timing!  She will be old enough to grasp a little of what is going on but not so old that she hates us!

I am still feeling great!  Still a little tired here and there.  This past week Miss A and I have had the most awful we are fighting those.  Tis the season!  If I weren't pregnant, I would probably be taking every over the counter cold medicine there is...but I am trying to fight through with nothing.  I know I could take something safe, but I haven't gotten that desperate....yet!!  It keeps getting worse, not better, so I may end up taking something.

And I SWEAR no matter what people say...I am feeling movement.  I feel little flutters and little is SO not gas!  Especially when I use my doppler to listen to the heartbeat...the baby tries to get away and I can feel the "flop" of the baby trying to roll away.  It is so weird but so wonderful!  I mentioned before, that with Miss A, I didn't feel movement until 22 weeks.  So I really never felt the flutters of early pregnancy.  By the time I felt her, they were for real kicks!  So this is amazing!!!

Still craving dill pickles...but nothing crazy that I just HAVE to have!

How are you feeling?

A peek at the little one...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smart Bottoms AIO 2.0 Review

X-Small:  Fits 5-8 pounds
Small:  Fits 8-16 pounds
Medium:  Fits 16-24 pounds
Large:  Fits 24+ pounds

Note:  When I first received this diaper for review, my daughter was approximately 23 pounds and I was sent a Medium.  It fit her perfectly at that time and I will write this review based on that time frame.  Since then, she has grown like a WEED and is now 29 pounds.  The Medium still fits her skinny frame well, the rise is getting pretty low on her though.  Please note this for the pictures, she is wearing the medium but she should be in a large now.  When this diaper first arrived, the rise was perfect on her.

Price Per Diaper:  ★★★☆☆  The Smart Bottoms AIO 2.0 retails for $20 each.  For an AIO diaper, this is a fantastic price.  AIO diapers are generally one of the most expensive diapers and the average price is $28-$34.  You can purchase this diaper direct from Smart Bottoms.  Since these are sized diapers XS-S-M-L you will have to buy the next size as your child grows.

Leaks:  ★★★☆☆  For day time use, this diaper performed perfectly.  However, for long naps and night use, my heavy wetting daughter required a booster or else the diaper would leak.  This diaper is extremely absorbent and did amazingly well for awake times and short naps, but for long naps and night, it just didn’t have enough absorbency.  A simple booster fixed the problem and with the booster, it is a great night time diaper!

Fit:  ★★★★★  I know I have raved about the fit of Smart Bottoms Diapers in the past, but here I go again!  My tall skinny mini daughter has had troubles with some diapers fitting correctly and without leaks; not Smart Bottoms!  The creator of Smart Bottoms also has skinny children and was able to see a need where other cloth diaper companies did not.  This diaper has a 3 snap tab, two snaps at the waist and a hip snap.  The hip snap is perfect for skinny children with little skinny legs (like Miss A).  The waist is also wonderful due to a stretchy front and stretchy back, this gives the perfect waist fit!  Also, for those skinny minis, there is a crossover snap at the waist to give you an even smaller size.  Likewise, if you have a chunky kid, you can size up and not be worried about the fit since it is stretchy with hip snaps and crossover tabs!  Genius design!  Also, due to the brilliant design of this diaper, it is extremely trim and fits nicely under clothes!

Ease of Use:  ★★★★★  This diaper could not be easier!  It is an AIO diaper, so no removable or movable parts!  Just on baby and off baby…nothing more!  This also makes washing a cinch since you just toss it in the washer and don’t have to worry about unstuffing or removing anything!  Also, with the stretchy waist and perfectly located snaps, it is a breeze to get this diaper snapped and on unlike other snap diapers!

Washing:  ★★★★★  As I mentioned above, this diaper is a cinch to wash since it is an AIO you can just toss it in the washer and then into the dryer or onto the line.  When it is dry, there is nothing to prep or stuff, it is ready to go back onto baby.  The inner is a 100% organic cotton with synthetic core.  This is very easy to wash, stays very soft against baby’s skin, and stains come out in the wash or with a little sun.  The shell is made of PUL and washes perfectly.

Overall Performance:  ★★★★☆  Overall, I really love this diaper.  I love the design, how well it fits my skinny baby, the soft organic cotton inner, the great price, and how easy it is to care for this diaper.  I do wish that this diaper was a little more absorbent for naps and night, but this was easily solved with a simple booster.  Great diaper!  Made in the USA!

Total Stars:  25/30

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Pregnancy Wednesday: 11 weeks


Holy Moly!  11 weeks!  So crazy!  I can just see that second trimester on the horizon!!!  How is that possible?  June seems sooooo far away, but at the same time this pregnancy is just flying!!!

I am still feeling great!  A little tired still here and there but not all of the time!  The urge to pee every 5 seconds seems to be fading a little.  I am now able to sleep longer than 2 hours at night without getting up to pee!  YAY! And other than those two MINOR complaints, I have no other complaints!

It is kind of strange, I keep forgetting that I am pregnant.  It will just not occur to me for a little bit and then it will all come back.  I think it is because I feel so good!  However, I am now definitely needing pregnancy clothes!  At home, I wear sweats and a t-shirt so I don't notice it as much.  But going out, yeah, the pre-pregnancy pants just don't cut it!!!

No crazy cravings this week.  Just that I cannot get enough fruit.  Yum.  Doesn't matter what fruit, just give me any and all fruit!  And salads.  I am looking forward to making my salad at lunch today!!!  Hey, if the baby is going to crave fruit and salad...bring it!!!  Better than cakes and cookies...which I can also eat anytime!!! :)

The other funny part of all of this is Miss A.  She is still grasping to understand all of this.  Her new favorite toy is my "Pregnancy Week by Week" book.  This was my favorite book during my pregnancy with her and still is my favorite.  I like it better than "What to Expect."  I recommend this book to any and all expectant moms out there!  You can buy it from Barnes and Noble here.  Anyway, Miss A has latched onto this book as HERS.  It is so cute!  She sits on the couch and flips through the book like she is reading it like a big girl.  When she can't find it, she comes to me and says "My book?"  It is HER book.  And I don't mind, because I have it on my Nook too, so if she ruins it, oh well!  She learned very quickly that those pictures are babies.  She will point and say "dady."  She has her b's and d's backwards.  So I have been trying to explain to her that there is a baby in mommy's tummy too.  She just looks at me like I am nuts.  When I get bigger and she can feel the baby kick, I think it will be more real for her.  It is just so fun to watch all of this through her eyes and try to help her understand.

The weeks are just flying by!  Hard to believe that I am almost out of the first trimester and will soon be in the second!

If you are pregnant, trying, or just had a are you feeling?


Monday, November 14, 2011

Posting Delay.

Sorry guys.  I have a bunch of reviews to post...and my camera broke.  :(  So until I can get it fixed or replaced, reviews will be on hold.  Who knew that a camera was SO vital!

Please stay tuned.  And sorry for the delay/ quiet blog.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pregnancy Wednesday: 10 weeks


10 weeks!  I am so excited and anxious to get to 20 weeks and see what this little one is and even more excited and anxious to hold this baby...but at the same time, how is it possible that I am almost done with the first trimester?  This pregnancy just seems to be flying!  I am already 1/4 of the way there!

Question: How early did you feel movement?  With Miss A, my placenta was anterior (in the front) and I really didn't feel movement until around 22 weeks.  It was a sad and LONG wait to finally feel those kicks and movements.  I know it is crazy because the baby is so tiny, but I swear that I feel movement at times.  It is probably all in my head though!

I am also excited to share a review with you...I am going to wait until later in the pregnancy and see how well it does at all stages, but I did buy a fetal doppler with my own money and I am excited with the results already!  As a Labor and Delivery nurse, I had the pleasure of being able to check on Miss A whenever I worked.  I was so nice to get to hear that heartbeat a couple times a week since I was working FT.  Now that I am only working casually (4 days a month) I wanted to get a doppler for at home so I could have the same comfort with this pregnancy of being able to check on the little one.  Working in the job I do, I see the good, the bad, and the really really ugly of pregnancy.  So with all of those experiences and memories, I sometimes have a very hard time just putting my faith in the fact that everything SHOULD be going ok with the pregnancy.  I have seen far too much to not have some control and be able to check in on the baby whenever I want.

So I did a ton of research and price comparison and then I stalked ebay for a good price!  I was shocked that I got it for such a great deal!  Yay Ebay!

Now, for those moms out there wondering...your uterus does not come up out of the pelvis until around 10 weeks.  So it is nearly impossible (and most practitioners will not try) to find the heartbeat with a doppler until 10-12 weeks.  With that knowledge in mind, my doppler arrived when I was 9 weeks and 2 days.  I wasn't going to try it out, but something in me just wanted to know!  So I decided to try and find the heartbeat the day that the doppler came.

I must say, it is hard to doppler yourself.  I am always standing over the patient and can visualize the landmarks and get the heartbeat right away.  But trying to do it to yourself it quite a bit more difficult.  So after a LOT of searching and feeling around for landmarks, I found it!  It probably took me 10 minutes, but at 9 weeks and 2 days, I was able to get the baby's heartbeat on my home doppler!  The heart rate was 125-130.  I was so excited to find it!

Now, for those of you wanting to buy a doppler and are hopeful that you can find the heart beat at 9 weeks, I want to warn you.  I am a Labor and Delivery nurse.  I know the landmarks and I know how to find the heartbeat.  At 9 weeks and 5 days, I could not find it.  It was very frustrating for me, but I was not surprised. Please do not expect to find the heartbeat until after 10-12 weeks.  More like 12 weeks for a home doppler. If you buy one and cannot find the heartbeat, do not get scared/worried/etc.  It can be very hard to find the heartbeat, especially before 20 weeks.  And depending on the position of the baby, it can be near impossible even with a good doppler; let alone a cheapie home doppler.

I am extremely excited to keep using it though and let you guys know what I find!  It was extremely affordable, so I am thrilled to share!  But not yet!  I want to thoroughly test it out first!

I am still feeling great!  I get a little tired at times but that is really my biggest complaint.  And I still can't get enough dill pickles.  I need to buy stock in Clausen!  Yum!

How are you guys this week?

Happy Pregnancy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Northern Essence Baby Sudz Soap Review

Last, but certainly not least, of the Northern Essence reviews is their Baby Sudz Soap.  This is an all natural ingredient bar of soap made from Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, and Rice Bran oil.  There is no added fragrance or coloring. This mixture makes this soap safe for even the most sensitive of skin and skin of all ages from birth to adult!

I used this soap on both myself and Miss A.  We both have extremely fair and sensitive skin, so we are always looking for products that won’t irritate our skin!  This soap did wonders!  In addition to not irritating either Miss A or myself, the natural oils and other ingredients replaced moisture and gave added protection to our skin! 

When wet, this soap creates a nice milky lather that is just sinfully nice to rub all over yourself!  Miss A enjoyed being bathed with this soap and I did too, because it just makes your skin feel refreshed and renewed.  It rinses clean and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and clean.

It is sometimes so difficult to find soap that is actually safe for extremely sensitive skin.  As a person with sensitive skin, I have bought all of those “made for sensitive skin” products and many of them are in fact NOT safe for sensitive skin.  I can assure you that the Baby Sudz soap is made from a safe formula, is extremely safe and gentle for sensitive skin, and would be perfect for infants, toddlers, and young children with sensitive skin!

Overall, I really loved this soap.  I have tried countless sensitive formula soaps and many of them still irritated my skin.  Miss A irritates even more easily than I do!  So finding a soap that is safe for both of us is a real treat!  This soap is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin, it is all natural, and it has a nice light and fresh soapy smell that is not overly powerful for those sensitive noses!

Total Stars:  5/5

You can purchase this item direct from Nothern Essence here.  A sample size bar is only $0.99 and a full size bar is only $4.50.  Very affordable to try for yourself!!!

And please follow Northern Essence on Facebook and thank them for this review!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Northern Essence Better Butt(er) Cream Review

Wouldn't you love to find a diaper rash cream that can also be used for other things as well?  Northern Essence’s Better Butt(er) Cream can do it all!  Not only is it a fantastic diaper rash cream and cloth diaper safe, but it also works great on dry cracked skin such as your hands!  This cream is also perfect for diaper rashes caused by yeast since it will not irritate the yeast and make it worse!

Cost:  ★★★★★  Depending on what size tub you buy, obviously, the price will change.  For a 2 ounce tub, the price is $7.95.  The 5 ounce tub is $14.95.

Ease of Use:  ★★★★☆  This light and fluffy cream comes in a nice little tub with an easy screw on/off lid.  The tub is wide and easy to get the cream out of.  The cream itself is very easy to apply since it is so soft and light.  Obviously, a cream of this type cannot come in stick form, so there is a little bit of mess that you need to wash off of your hands or simply rub into your hands for the moisture!

Smell:  ★★★★☆  This cream is marketed as “fragrance free” and is almost completely odorless, but there is a faint oil smell to it.  It is so faint that you can barely make it out.  The smell is very clean and fresh and almost non-existent, so it is not offensive to those very sensitive smellers out there!  There are no added fragrances though which means no additional ingredients to possibly cause reaction.

Effectiveness:  ★★★★★  As I mentioned above, this cream can be used for any type of diaper rash or skin irritation.  At the first sign of redness, I applied just a tiny bit of this cream and her rash was gone.  This cream is full of Hemp Butter, Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and other ingredients.  Many sensitive skinned babies (and even adults) cannot use creams with essential oils due to their sensitivities.  This cream does not contain any essential oils and is perfect for even the most sensitive of skin. 

Overall:  ★★★★★  This cream is fantastic on both my daughter’s easily rashed tush and my extremely sensitive and easily dried hands.  This cream is obviously marketed as a diaper cream, but I found it to also be an exceptional healing hand cream.  (only I would think to put diaper rash cream on my hands! LOL)  Overall, I love this cream!  I did wonders on Miss A’s bum and I found a perfect second use for it too!

Total Stars:  23/25

You can purchase this item direct from Nothern Essence here.

And please follow Northern Essence on Facebook and thank them for this review!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pregnancy Wednesday: 9 weeks


So, since I am terrible at keeping up with Wordless Wednesdays, I decided to create Pregnancy Wednesdays!  Since Wednesday is the beginning of my pregnancy week and I want to talk pregnancy with you guys...seemed like a neat idea!  So feel free to post your pregnancy comments, questions, etc and/or what week you are, how you are feeling, anything new with your pregnancy, etc!

As for me, I am 9 weeks today!  Seems crazy to me; like a dream!  I never shared with you guys, but conceiving this baby was a tad difficult.  We had been trying for 6 months!  Which I have been told by midwives, doctors, and parents that 6 months is not a long time...but we got pregnant with Miss A the first month that we 6 months this time seemed like an eternity.  When that stick said "pregnant" I truly felt as though I was dreaming.

I am feeling really good!  No morning sickness (didn't have any with Miss A either) and just generally feeling good.  In fact, I keep forgetting that I am pregnant because I really don't feel anything.  Some days I am a little tired...but others I am not.  So it could just be lack of sleep and not actually pregnancy...who knows!

I remember with Miss A, I needed to go maternity shopping around 8-9 weeks as suddenly my clothes just did not fit.  I was surprised this time as 8 1/2 weeks came and I still had not started feeling tight in my clothes. Well as of yesterday, it seems like BAM my clothes don't fit.  It is so funny...Monday, clothes felt fine.  Woke up Tuesday and suddenly, I feel like I have a belly.  Sadly, I have gained weight since having Miss A, so I need to go maternity pants shopping.  My pants from my first pregnancy fit, but they don't look very nice...LOL!  Guess my hubby is just going to have to buy me pants for Christmas!

So that is where I am at!  If you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or just want to talk pregnancy....leave a comment below!!!  I can't wait to hear from other mamas out there on their pregnancy experiences!  Also, if you have questions, go ahead and ask!  I am a Labor and Delivery nurse and can answer them or there are plenty of other mamas reading that would love to chat pregnancy!

Weird Pregnancy Food of the Week:  I can't get enough dill pickles.

Happy Pregnancy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Northern Essence All Natural Diaper Rash Salve Review and Giveaway

For this review, I was sent the original formula in the push up tube.
My daughter has extremely; let me stress that again, EXTREMELY sensitive skin.  It does not take much at all to break her out in a rash.  So I am constantly looking for cloth diaper safe creams, ointments, salves, etc that do not make her skin worse and will clear up any rash big or small quickly.  I am happy to say, that I have found some amazing products from Northern Essence.

The Northern Essence All Natural Diaper Rash Salve is just one of their amazing products.  I had the pleasure of reviewing their original salve in the push up tube.  I was a little apprehensive when I learned that I was using the original formula as opposed to the sensitive formula, but I must confess, as well as the original formula did for my daughter’s sensitive skin, I cannot imagine how much more sensitive the sensitive formula can be!

Cost:  ★★★★★  Depending on what size and what formula your are looking for, the price of these products ranges from $4.50 for a 1 oz tube to $7.95 for their 2 oz tubs and twist ups.  For as long as these products last, this is a fabulous price!

Ease of Use:  ★★★★★  This stick is simple to use.  It is a push up tube so you simply push up from the bottom of the tube for more of the stick and you simply rub the stick across baby’s bum to apply.  You do not have to get your hands all messy putting the salve on, nor do you have to touch sensitive skin with potentially dirty hands.

Smell:  ★★★★☆  Like many products containing tee tree oil, you can definitely smell the tee tree oils when you open the stick.  It is a nice clean smell, but if you are very sensitive to smells, I recommend the sensitive formula with the citrus.  I did review the Sensitive Skin Wipes Concentrate which contained citrus instead of tee tree oil.  You may find the sensitive versions of these products are less “smelly.”  I like the smell of tee tree oil, but for those with sensitive noses, you may prefer the citrus!

Effectiveness:  ★★★★★  During our use of this product, my daughter had a horrible illness complete with diarrhea as well as a few instances of ammonia burn with her night time diapers.  In all cases, as soon as I saw any hint of redness (or more than a hint in some cases) I simply put some of this salve on and by next diaper change there was no redness to be seen!

The salve is made of all natural ingredients including beeswax, calendula infused with olive oil, avocado oil, meadowfoam seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, tea tree and lavender essential oils.  The sensitive formula does not have the tee tree and lavender essential oils, but rather citrus oils as the tee tree can be more irritating that the citrus.  So this salve is all natural (YAY), cloth diaper safe (YAY), and is extremely beneficial for my little one’s bum (YAY!).

Don’t have rash problems?  Since this salve is full of essential oils, it can protect baby’s bum from potential breakdown and rash.  So even if you don’t have rash problems, if you apply this with every diaper change or even just once a day, you can help prevent any problems in the future while knowing that you are applying something that is all natural and chemical free!

Overall:  ★★★★★  Overall, I really loved this product.  As I stated before, at the first sign of redness, I applied this to my daughter’s bum and by the next diaper change, the redness was gone.  This is also perfect to apply at night time when your child may be in a diaper longer and exposed to wetness longer.  I love that the push up stick is simple to use, no mess and no fuss!  And best of all, this product is all natural and cloth diaper safe!

Total Stars:  24/25

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You may purchase Northern Essence products here.