Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Internet Shoppers Anonymous

So, I am taking a stand. No more internet shopping. I am calling it "cold turkey" for now. The hubby and I need to sit down and either make out a budget, or I am just NOT shopping online. It is so hard when you find things that you want and they are CHEAP!!! I love the bargain sites like and and They are just FANTASTIC deals...most of the time, anyway!

NO! No more shopping! Especially right now! I am only working casual (so my paycheck has been cut back to next to nothing), the hubby is just starting a new job, we are looking at selling our house, moving expenses, and either buying or building a new house. So NO MORE SHOPPING!!! Unless above mentioned budget is in place or the hubby approves the purchase too.

For the record, I do have a few more diapers on the way. My Jillian's Drawers super deals should be here today, plus my PLUMP diaper should come today or tomorrow, and then my free bG 4.0 should come soon. Other than more diapers for a while!!! My stash is at a nice size now, plus I have so many different ones...the next purchase will be for those that my husband and I really like and want more of....but again, approved purchase by him!!! LOL I need him to keep me accountable!

This decision also came from back to back Zulily purchases. Yesterday, they had these adorable Organic t-shirts. One says "cupcake" and one says "honey bunny" and I just had to have them! And then today, they had great deals on winter coats and matching snow pants. I am very picky when it comes to winter coats, so when I saw something that I liked...with matching snow pants...and for a great price...I just had to! But back to back purchases from Zulily...that was the kicker!! No more!!!

So I am starting on the cold turkey method for Internet Shoppers Anonymous...and I will kick my addiction!!! Do I get a gold coin at 6 months???

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  1. How is the cold turkey no Internet shopping going for you, Laura? Hope you're not having major withdrawals! ;) I've been doing my share of Internet shopping lately. I am not gonna quit cold turkey, but I suppose I could scale back a bit. LOL