Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Local WAHM

Just recently, my husband and I took our 15 month old out to one of our in-town restaurants for breakfast.  It is a Mennonite run restaurant, bakery, and store.  While we were waiting for our food (which is ALWAYS fabulous) I decided to look through the store.  While looking around, I stumbled upon a wonderful surprise.  A local woman, with an amazing story, has started making and selling her own brand of cloth diapers!  As I read the tag to learn the maker of the adorable diaper in my hand, I was touched by her story.  I was also amazed at the quality of the diaper I was holding.  With no decision to be made, I rooted through the pile to pick which one I was going to buy!  I am very eager to try out this diaper on my LO today and report back!

If you would like to check out this wonderful woman and her new business, here are the links.

Lil Champs Homepage

Lil Champs Facebook Page

Morrison Cove Herald Article

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