Monday, November 15, 2010

Fuzzibunz OS Diaper Review

Fits 7-35 pounds.

Price Per Diaper: ★★★☆☆ This diaper generally retails for 19.95. Not a bad price for what you are getting. This diaper is designed to fit from birth to potty training.  It is not the cheapest diaper, but far from the most expensive as well!

Leaks: ★★★★☆ I did encounter a leak here and there, but an adjustment of the elastic bands cured the problem every time. We also had one leak after a 4 hour nap with one insert, I now use two inserts for every nap and we have had no leaks.  This diaper comes with a newborn insert and a larger insert for bigger kids.  The newborn insert can be used as a doubler with the larger insert (this is what I use).

Fit: ★★★★★ This diaper stands alone in terms of perfect fit. The leg elastic has 8+ settings and the snaps have 4+ settings.  Between the hip/waist snap variations and the adjustable leg elastic, you can get the perfect fit every time. Also, the back elastic can be adjusted to fit your child's waist perfectly!  When first using the diaper, you may have some leaking and fit issues, but once you get the diaper set for your particular baby you will have perfect fit every time! (until baby grows of course, then you have to adjust and find the perfect fit again!!)  Extra Extra!  Each Fuzzibunz OS Diaper comes with a set of replacement elastic!!!  They really have covered all of the bases!

Ease of Use: ★★★★☆ Obviously any diaper with snaps and this many adjustment variations can be a little challenging at first. But once you get the diaper fitted correctly and know which snaps your baby is on (this takes 2-3 diaper changes) it will be a cinch!

Washing: ★★★★★ These diapers wash very very well. Let me stress that again, very well!!! I can always count on my Fuzzibunz to come clean no matter what kind of day my little one is having. They always wash clean and smell fresh. Not one of my Fuzzibunz OS Diapers is stained!!! (see my wash routine in the header to see exactly how I wash my diapers)

Overall Performance: ★★★★★ These are one of my “go to” diapers. They are reliable and I reach for them daily. Once you figure out the fitting, you have a leak proof diaper that will fit any baby body type! I have a long skinny baby and these fit her like a glove!! Very impressed with Fuzzibunz OS Diapers and would highly recommend!

Total Stars: 26/30

Daddy’s Thoughts: At First, he refused to use these diapers because they were “too confusing.” It’s the snaps…Dads hate any and all snaps. And THREE! Yep, he was done at that! But after some time, he saw how well the diapers fit and that there were no leaks or poopy blow outs, so he started to use them! They are now one of the ones he grabs first because, as he puts it, “the poop falls off of the Fuzzibunz into the toilet better than any other diapers.” There is an approval if I ever heard one!

We both have been very impressed with the Fuzzibunz OS Diapers. They are very reliable and are one of the first diapers that we grab. The fit is amazing every time, even on my tall skinny baby. The only flaw that I could find with this diaper was during stuffing.  The pocket for the insert is relatively tight.  This is especially true when stuffing both inserts.  It is tight, but manageable.  I do not feel that this is a reason not to buy this diaper but is note worthy.  I typically use these diapers with one insert during waking hours and two inserts at nap time, with no leak issues. I did not test this diaper at night.

Fuzzibunz OS Diaper in Mac n Cheese
For more on Fuzzibunz Diapers, you can visit their website here.  Or you can buy through my affiliate, Kelly's Closet, through the provided link on the right side of my webpage.


  1. Great review!! I have to agree, though I have sized FB, I love them!! And the poop does come off very well! ;) LOL This will be so helpful for all the new mommies starting out in the world of cloth!

  2. Very cool review...I didn't cloth diaper my girls because I didn't know anything about it...will definitely send any "new" mommies I know to this site for your reviews. Great info!!