Monday, January 24, 2011

Google Doc Form, Yay or Nay.

So, I know what a pain it is to type up all of the giveaway information to post AND I know what a pain it is for those entering the giveaway to have to do all of those separate comments.  I have seen many of the other blogs going over to the google docs entry form and that is why I used it for the questionnaire below.  So what do you think?  Is this easier?  Would you rather that I use this for the giveaways too?

With Under Cover Month coming and SO many giveaways to do in such a short amount of time (excited yet?) I have been looking for an easier way for me to get the giveaways up and an easier way for you guys to enter.

Plus, I have been a little creeped out lately about privacy and my name/email so easy to find by google search.  In order to maintain your privacy and do my part to keep your email from getting spammed, the google docs would cut down on your name and email being readily searchable.

Did you know that every time you enter a giveaway and post your name and email address, it pops up in google search?  Go google yourself.  It is frightening!!!  It really gave me the heebie-jeebies when I realized that for being a facebook fan, you have to put your facebook name and email all in one entry.  With this being so readily available on a google search, it just freaked me out.

So I am even more in love with the google docs.  Makes it easier for both you and me, and protects your privacy (at least, protects your privacy a heck of a lot better than just a comment on the blog).

So what do you think?  Yay or Nay for google doc giveaway entry forms?  I will be posting a giveaway within the next week (not telling what it is yet...but it is FLUFFY) and I will use this entry form.  So if you use it for that giveaway and hate it, let me know!!!!


  1. I think this is a WONDERFUL idea!!

  2. Yikes! I didn't realize that even my Name at Yahoo dot com would appear in search engines. Thanks.

  3. LOVE google docs! It was very easy to fill out

  4. Forms are definitely the way to go! I love the ease of entering all my info at one time and not having to repeat my email address with every comment.