Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rumparooz OS Snap Diaper Review

*Note, this review is for the snap version of this diaper ONLY.*

Fits 6-35+ pounds

Price: ★★☆☆☆ This diaper is a little pricey at approximately $23.50 a diaper. Yes, there are ones that are more expensive, but many are less expensive. However, you get a lot of bang for your buck!!! According to the manufacturer, this diaper starts fitting at 6.5 lbs. This is one half to one full pound less than most other One Size diapers. I have not tried this diaper on a newborn, but if this is accurate, this diaper really could fit from birth to potty training where as most One Size diapers will not fit correctly a birth. This diaper also has many features that set it apart from other diapers and may make it worth your hard earned money. You can buy this diaper through most online retailers including my affiliates (links on right side of blog).

Leaks: ★★★★☆ I RARELY have a leak with this diaper. The only time that I have leak issues, is after a 3-4 hour nap. My daughter is a stomach sleeper and if she is down for a long nap, there will be leaking around the waist. For this reason, I have never used this as a night time diaper. However, this diaper is highly absorbent and I truly feel that if my daughter was not a stomach sleeper, this diaper would be fabulous at night. (I do wonder if I would get a tighter fit with the aplix and have a great night time fix?) This diaper has an amazing feature, double internal gussets. These internal gussets are amazing for holding in the messiest of poops and a ton of pee! Although I have never used on a newborn, I think the gussets would be perfect for EBF babies!! Each diaper comes with two inserts (the 6-r soaker); a contoured newborn micro terry insert that can be used as a doubler later and a full size micro terry insert. The full size insert has snap settings. You can snap it in/out for size and/or absorbency or what works better for a boy or a girl! This makes this diaper very versatile and gives you many options to suit you and your baby. I also love that the newborn insert can snap to the full size, it makes finding them in the dryer and stuffing so much easier.

Fit: ★★★★☆ As with any snap diaper, there will be the occasional fit issue when one snap setting is too big and one is too small. However, with this diaper, I can usually find a great fit and not have to settle for the ok fit. There is also a 4 snap rise setting on the front to make the diaper smaller or larger. Most diapers only have 3 rise settings, so this is an advantage of this diaper to have more sizing options and perhaps be able to fit earlier and longer than other One Size diapers. The Rumparooz G2 does come in either snap or aplix closure, so that is up to the consumer to decide. However, with older children who like to play Houdini with their clothes/diapers (like mine), snap closures are a must!

Ease of Use: ★★★★☆ Again, the snaps. I have said it before and will say it again, daddies, grandmas, and babysitters do not like snaps. The same diaper with aplix closure would get 5 stars. And it is not that the snaps are “difficult” because they are not. Yes, you may have to try one snap setting and then another to find which one fits best, but at most you are going to try two sizes and then decide. Aplix would be just a second quicker, but once you know which setting your baby is on, it will not be any slower or faster than the aplix! The pocket is nice and wide and stretchy making stuffing quite simple. Also, if you snap the full size insert and doubler together, it is a cinch to stuff!

Washing: ★★★★☆ The inserts and shell wash easily and are dryer safe. They wash and dry wonderfully, however, you do have to watch that poop does not get stuck in the gussets and remain after washing, it is for this reason that I gave this diaper 4 stars. This diaper also has an incredible and inventive feature called the “poop scoop.” At the back of the diaper where the pocket is, the lining curves toward the baby’s bum keeping messes from riding up the bum and the back as well as keeping the opening for the pocket clean for mom to remove the inserts for washing.

Overall Performance: ★★★★★ I love this diaper and would highly recommend it! This diaper takes anything that my daughter throws at it! It held up like a champ when she had the stomach flu and was having constant diarrhea, it holds a TON of pee, and it fits great! This is one of my favorite diapers, the only hang-up is the price. Plus, it comes in a variety of adorable colors and prints!! If you haven’t tried this diaper yet, you should!!

Total Stars: 23/30 (I do not feel that this score accurately reflects how much I love this diaper...just saying!)

Daddy’s Thoughts: This was one of our first snap diapers and it took him a long time to warm up to the snaps, but now he loves this diaper because it contains anything!

EXTRA EXTRA! From now until 1/16/11, Rumparooz is having an overstock sale on select colors, check it out here!! You can get a first quality diaper for only $17.63!!! Amazing! If you have not tried these diapers, this is the perfect chance to do so!!

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  1. I have a couple of RaRs that I love, but my son has outgrown the rise, so they have been passed down to my daughter's stash. But they are really good diapers. I wish I had bought more of them.

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