Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bamboobies Review and Giveaway

I did not realize when I started cloth diapering that a whole new world would open up to me.  I was living my life as normal, using disposable diapers, disposable nursing pads, paper towels, maxi-pads, tampons, etc and not thinking a thing about reusable anything.  Then I became a stay at home mom wanting to cut costs and my daughter became allergic to certain disposable diapers.  The world of REUSABLE opened up to me!  It all started with cloth diapers, but along the way I have found other reusable items that I would have otherwise never though of!

One of the items that I researched and came to love are reusable nursing pads.  What a wonderful idea!  Washable, reusable, soft, and let’s face it…it is just spilled milk…who could possibly think that is disgusting to wash?

One such maker of reusable nursing pads is Bamboobies.  First off, what a perfectly succinct and wonderfully descriptive brand name!  I love it!!!  Plus it is fun to say “I’m wearing Bamboobies!”

Bamboobies were created by a mom (who else could have thought this up!?) and were designed to be the most eco-friendly, invisible, and cost effective nursing pads on the market!  There are two kinds of Bamboobies, the regular and the overnights.  I was fortunate enough to be able to use the regular nursing pads.

Right from the package, I was amazed at the ingenious design and the amazing softness of these nursing pads.  They feel very “high class” and very well made.  It seems almost a shame to put something so nice under your clothes where no one will see.  The pads are made of three different layers; a bamboo and cotton velour layer (which is OH SO SOFT), a hemp layer to absorb, and a milk proof outer layer of Polyester with polyurethane to prevent leaking.

Also, you notice immediately that these nursing pads are a different shape than the normal round pads; these are an adorable heart shape.  While this does make the pads very cute, they are designed in this shape for a very important function.  By not being the traditional round shape, these pads are able to sit in your bra without bunching, sliding, and most importantly, without showing.  I always hated walking through the grocery store and some little old woman would point out that I needed to adjust my nursing pads that were bunching, rolling, etc.  Gone are those days (and so are my disposable pads).

So…the real test…they may be cute and soft…but do they work?  The answer, a resounding yes!  I did not have the pleasure of using these pads earlier in my breastfeeding journey when I was leaking more, but even at the end of my breastfeeding, there were still leak issues from time to time!  These pads performed wonderfully!  They absorbed well, did not feel moist against my skin, and were able to hold what they needed to.  If you are a heavy leaker, you may want to try the overnight pads!

As I said before, these pads are quality fabrics and quality construction.  After many washes, they are still just as soft, just as absorbent, and have held up perfectly.  Since the pads are not extremely dirty (it is just milk) and I wanted to make them last, I only hand washed and layed flat to dry.  I did not put them through the washing machine as I was afraid they would get lost or caught on something and ruined.

Overall, I am extremely impressed and in LOVE with my Bamboobies!  I think it is time for baby number two, so I can start this journey all over again…and I will definitely be buying more Bamboobies!!!

Total Stars:  ★★★★★

You may purchase direct from Bamboobies here and use coupon code “Goods20” for 20% off, or Giveaway below!


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    I already have a couple of these (though not nearly enough!) and they ARE lovely :D