Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Mommy - Nicole

Here is this week's Monday Mommy...Nicole.  Thanks, Nicole for participating in our Monday Mommy Series!  So great to hear your story! ~Laura~

Hi all, this is my first time writing a blog post, so please be nice :) My name is Nicole, I'm a stay at home mom to a 7 month old baby boy, Jimmy and a Navy wife to my amazing husband James. We are origionally from New Jersey but are currently stationed in Norfolk, VA. I have been married for 2 and a half years, to my middle school sweet heart :) I am a breast feeding, cosleeping, cloth diapering mom and I love it!

I couldn't decide on a topic to write about, so here's a little of everything. Originally I was going to talk about military and deployment, but even though my husband missed the birth of our only child I consider myself lucky in that area since he was only deployed for 4 months compared to the 7 months to a year that others are gone. But it was still extreamly hard for us, I moved to Colorado to be with my mom while he gone. For the most part my labor and delivery was an amazing expierence and I even got to talk to my husband while I was pushing and he heard Jimmys first cries! :) Brings a tear to my eye when I think about it. We were also featured on the Lifetime show "Coming Home" (episode 5 if you would like to watch me cry like a baby the whole time haha).

But I'm going to focus on diapering, I have been exclusivly cloth diapering since my son was born. I started researching it when I found out I was pregnant. I had never met anyone who used cloth and I really don't know why I thought about trying it. I mainly use pockets and AI2s, my favortie brand and most of my stash is Smartipants, I love that I dont have to pull out the insert but I find that now that my son has started solids I pull the insert before rinsing the diaper anyway so its not a big deal anymore.  I also love that they are made in the USA. My second favorite is gogreens. I like that they are less expensive ($8-$15) but I dont like that they aren't made int he USA. I also love tring WAHM diapers. I like most of the diapers I try but my least favortie has been Cutey Baby.

My husband is very supportive of cloth diapering, he's told all the guys he works with and has actually gotten a few of them to consider switching, or starting with thier newborns. I have had a few people in the family with negative comments but most of them think its very cool especially when they see thats its not pins and plastic pants. I haven't had anyone refuse to change him because he's in cloth, but for some reason my mom doesn't understand that if the white part (insert) is sticking out that his outfits will get wet lol. The whole expierence of cloth diapering so far has been positive and like most people who cloth diaper I am an addict! haha I have about 40 diapers in my stash and I think I have 5 diapers I'm expecting to receive this week :) They are mostly pockets 4 AI2s, 4 fitteds, 2 wool covers, 1 fleece and 1 PUL cover.  Hope I didnt bore you gals :) Thanks for reading!!

~I hope that you have enjoyed this week's Monday Mommy!  If you have questions for Nicole or any comments, please leave them below!  Remember, Monday Mommy is an outlet for Mamas to speak freely about their experience as a mama.  Questions and comments are encouraged, but please do not post negative comments as they will be deleted immediately.~


  1. Even though I am way past the baby stage, I enjoy reading these stories on Monday. I only wish I had such things when I was raising my babies. I think it is wonderful that you young mothers have the support of online communities, blogs, etc. :) Weather it be cloth diapering, breast feeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping, etc. there is somebody in cyber land to lean on and learn from. :)

    And I think it's fun that you have cloth diaper "stashes". Back in the day we just had the plain ol' white diapers, big honkin' pins and plastic pants. I think the newer cloth diapering scene is much, much nicer. :D

  2. Thank you for your families sacrifice for my continued freedom!! I've been CD'ing since my dtr was 10 months, and if I'm blessed with a second, we'll start at birth!! I actually love my WAHMS, that's all I buy now!! Have you seen The Operation (Bunzuke) on Etsy and FB?! Love her.. God Bless!!