Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Intelligender Review and Giveaway

As with most parents, as soon as that pregnancy test says PREGNANT, the wondering begins.  Is it a boy?  Is it a girl?  And if you are completely impatient and curious like I am, waiting for that 20 week ultrasound (or 40 weeks to birth) is an absolute eternity!!!

So, my curiosity got the best of me, and I started wondering if there was a reliable at home test that you could take to determine the gender of the baby you are carrying.  Before I got pregnant, I remembered hearing tale of a urine test that determined gender, so when I finally found out I was pregnant, I decided to find out more.

In comes Intelligender.  Intelligender is a simple at home kit that uses your first morning urine to determine the gender of your baby!  Seems simple right?  Well it is!!!  Any time after 10 weeks of gestation, you can use this kit to determine the gender of your baby!

So how reliable is Intelligender?  My husband did some research online and compiled the positive and negative results and he determined that it was 80%-85% reliable.  Intelligender had an independent study done that concluded an 87.6% reliability.  Either way, this test is fairly reliable, but is not 100% accurate so don't go buying pink or blue based just on this test!  If you are looking for an absolute, this is not it!  But if you are curious and are ok with reliable results that are probably accurate but can also be ok if they are wrong, this is the test for you!

So how exactly does this work?  When you wake in the morning, you collect your first morning urine (the most concentrated of the day) in a clean or sterile container; I used a paper cup.  The Intelligender box includes a plastic syringe and the test container.  You draw up your urine into the syringe and insert it into the test container.  You then swirl the container mixing the urine and the reagent, wait 5 minutes, and read!  It is quite easy to do!  A dark green result means BOY and a golden yellow result means GIRL!

I debated whether to tell you guys this or not, but I actually took the Intelligender test three times.  Yes...it is sad.  But I want to tell you guys why so that you can avoid my mistakes.

The first time I took the test was at 11 weeks 3 days.  I had received my review kit and was extremely excited to use it and see what the baby was!  I followed the directions to the letter.  And at 5 minutes, my husband and I read the result.  It said BOY!  I left the test sit on the counter and made the biggest mistake of all, I kept looking at it.  The box specifically says not to read the result past 5 minutes.  Well, hours later when I went in to the bathroom to pee, I noticed that the test had separated and that the liquid was golden yellow with dark green sediment.  My husband and I discussed it and neither of us could remember if we looked at the test at eye level (as you are supposed to do).  Since I was reviewing this item, I could not post a review without knowing the actual result...so we bought another one just to make sure.

I took the second test at 13 weeks 7 days.  I again followed the directions to the letter, waited the 5 minutes, and read the test.  It was strange.  There were TWO colors.  It was golden yellow with a green streak through it.  The result looked boy to me, but I wasn't 100% sure.  I knew that Intelligender encouraged people to send their photos for assistance or just to report their results, so I took some good photos and sent them an email.  It was only a short while (maybe an hour or two) until I heard back.  They felt that it was a girl result, but since it was inconclusive, they were willing to send me another test kit for free.  They also recommended that I swirl the test pretty vigorously to make certain that the urine and the reagent mixed well.

And on to test number three.  I took the third test at 15 weeks 4 days.  As always, I followed the directions to the letter and included my two new pieces of experience.  I swirled the container vigorously, waited the 5 minutes, and then made certain to read at eye level.  And low and behold, it was a clear BOY result.

After all of this....I just had my 20 week ultrasound and yes, Intelligender was correct.  We are having a BOY!!!

Overall: ★★★★★  I was quite pleased with this test.  I know it sounds as if it is difficult and not worth trying.  Honestly, it was quite easy and when used correctly, we got the correct result.  Just remember to follow the instructions, swirl vigorously, do not read before or past 5 minutes, and read at eye level!!!  Intelligender gave me the correct result and of all the people I personally know that have used Intelligender, they have all had correct results too!!!

I highly recommend this test to anyone curious about the baby they are carrying.  Remember, the test has an 80-90% accuracy rate, so more than likely, if used correctly, you will be having the gender that it predicts.  BUT, there is a chance either through test error or human error that you get the wrong result.  It is gender PREDICTION not gender guarantee!!!

I also have to give a huge shout out to the Intelligender Customer Support!  They answered my email extremely fast, were extremely friendly and helpful, and wonderful to work with!!!

Want to buy Intelligender?  You can buy online from Intelligender, or here is the list of retailers near you that carry Intelligender.

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  1. I took two during my first pregnancy--both came out totally boy, but when my baby was born it was a girl!

  2. Just found out we are pregnant with our second. Due in September 2012. Would love to try this out when I get far enough along! :)

  3. I would LOVE to try this out.as you know, I am due the same day as you, but I had an earlier ultrasound (no gender) and won't get the next one till 29 weeks or so. Not sure I can wait that long.

  4. If I get pregnant again, I'd love to try this out. As we dont' find out the sex of the baby til delivery, I think this would be fun! :)

  5. We are TTC :)But when it does happen it would be nice to have this!

  6. We are currently trying to conceive our 3rd. I've never used anything like this before.

  7. Thinking about TTC but would be fun to give to my friend also

    anjellfire at gmai ldot com
    Brooke S

  8. I am pregnant with baby #2 due July 26 (I am 14 weeks). I'm getting so impatient waiting to find out this baby's gender!


  9. I'm pregnant with our first, due Aug. 29th!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  10. I am trying to conceive my second child. :)

    Sarah Walker


  11. I am due July 14th :) ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  12. My husband and I are still TTC our first baby.

  13. I'm pregnant with #4 due Aug 25th. I have 3 boys and would love to win this and see if some pink is finally in our future!
    Kimberlie T
    ktiegen at yahoo dot com

  14. We are TTC (month 4 ugg) hoping this is our month :)

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  16. I'm at 11nweeks n trying this later today. Keep u posted canmariee@gmail.com

  17. i am pregnant with #5. We are due 7-18-2013. We have 4 girls. I'd love to use this and see how accurate it really is..

  18. I had seen the endorsement for this product on the show The Doctors. I bought the 2 kits and followed the instructions perfectly. Both times, the kit predicted a boy - dark green results. I did the first one at 11 weeks and the second one at 16 weeks, thinking by the second date, the gender should be detectable. Both times, it was wrong. I am having a girl, confirmed by amnio and ultrasounds. Total waste of money. It's a hoax.

  19. I took the test and it said that I was having a boy. I went in for my ultrasound and they found in empty sac with no baby. They call it a blighted ovum. The test is crap!