Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fluff Bling Review and Giveaway

A few months back, you saw me announce the arrival of "Fluff Bling!"  A very smart mama somewhere came up with this amazing idea that with a simple SNAP we could jazz up otherwise drab cloth diapers.  All fluff is adorable, but let's face it...some diapers are more adorable than others.  And Fluff Bling can add a little pizzazz to almost any diaper.

What is Fluff Bling?  Fluff Bling is simply an embroidered patch with a snap on the back that can easily be applied and removed to many cloth diaper brands.  Fluff Bling comes in a variety of adorable patches!

Fluff Bling will attach to most cloth diapers that have snaps.  This product works best with OS diapers that have a center row of rise snaps but will also work with diapers that have a snap closure around the waist provided you are not using the smallest setting.

Obviously, Fluff Bling cannot be used on diapers that do not have snaps.  I also found it difficult and annoying for my child if I put the Fluff Bling on an outside row of snaps.  Tots Bots below shows how close the Fluff Bling is to baby's leg and it can rub/scratch and be annoying.

Tots Bots Easy Fit

Overall, I absolutely LOVE Fluff Bling.  The patches are absolutely adorable and can jazz up most any diaper.  Miss A loves her "moo" as she calls it!  It is her little game to move the cow from her old diaper to her new one.

The Fluff Bling is trim enough that you do not have to remove it when putting clothing over the diaper, but what fun is that?  No one can see!  So we remove the bling when putting clothes on!

Warning:  For younger children, please supervise.  Remove Fluff Bling from diapers prior to washing to avoid damaging diaper and/or Fluff Bling.  And remove at bedtime.

This is an adorable and SMART idea!  And the price for a little bit of bling for your diapers is absolutely unbeatable!  For just $3.45 you can have your own little piece of bling!

Score:  ★★★★★

Below are just a few top Brands sporting Fluff Bling!

BumGenius OS, Bling can go on center rise snaps or waist snaps if available

Best Bottoms OS

Happy Heinys OS...I can't find my Fluff Bling!  :)  Moo is hiding on Bessie.

Rumparooz OS

Tiny Tush Elite OS

Oh Katy OS, with this diaper the Fluff Bling fits better on an empty waist snap or you have the same problem as the Tots Bots above with the Fluff Bling digging into baby's leg.

Fuzzibunz OS, you do not need rise snaps to use Fluff Bling.

Swaddlebees OS

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