Monday, April 18, 2011

Butt Naked Baby Review and Giveaway

Butt Naked Baby is a natural and organic skin care line specifically made for babies and sensitive skin.  The Butt Naked Baby company has taken pride in creating only the best formula for their products by using natural ingredients such as Green Tea, Calendula, White Tea, oils, and other natural ingredients.  These products are also 100% toxin and fragrance free, high in antioxidants, cruelty free, and made in the USA.

I had the pleasure to use and review the Nourishing Lotion, 911 Rescue Cream, and the Shea Stick on both myself and Miss A.  We are both extremely fair skinned and have very sensitive skin.  (I sadly gave her that gene)  So these products were right up our alley!  We are always looking for repairing lotions and creams that are also gentle on our overly sensitive skin!

Also, since all of their products are fragrance free and made of natural components, all of these products have a nice, fresh, clean smell to them!  Very nice!

Nourishing Lotion – Total Stars ★★★★☆

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This lotion is fantastic.  It goes on smooth, leaves no greasy residue, and really hydrates and heals your skin.  The only problem that I had with this lotion is that it is very creamy and does take a bit of time and effort to rub it in especially if your skin is extremely dry.  It is well worth the time and energy due to the healing benefits.  But when you are trying to apply this to a squirming toddler, it can be difficult to hold them down and rub this lotion in completely so that it does not get all over their clothes, toys, the furniture, etc.

911 Rescue Cream – Total Stars ★★★★★

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I love this cream.  Let me repeat…Love this cream!  The cream is soft and smooth like silk going on, rubs in quickly and easily, leaves no greasy residue, and you can instantly feel the hydration and healing going on your skin.  As a nurse, with frequent hand washings, my hands are always cracked, rough, and dry.  This cream almost instantly healed the skin on my hands and made them soft and smooth again!  Likewise, Miss A has rough patches of skin and some eczema on the backs of her arms and thighs, this cream did wonders for healing that up!  This cream has just been fabulous for both of us and our poor sensitive skin!  If I could give this cream higher than 5 stars, I would!

Shea Stick – Total Stars ★★★★★

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Amazing!  Miss A always has chapped cheeks from the combination of sensitive skin and then sucking her thumb/drooling in her sleep.  Every morning, she wakes up with bright red cheeks from laying in drool (stomach sleeper).  So I had found a cream with calendula in it to put on her cheeks.  It worked well, but was very greasy and messy.  When I was sent this Shea Stick, saw that it contained Calendula and was for chapped lips, cheeks, etc…I was SO excited.  From the first use, I was in Love!  This is super easy to put on since it is in stick form (like a glue stick) so there is no mess.  It goes on well with no greasy residue.  And best of all, it worked wonders at healing and protecting her little cheeks!  Now that I put this on daily, she does not wake with bright red cheeks!  Her skin is healed and protected!  I have also used it for both of our dry lips and it has worked very well at that too!  This product is fabulous!

You can buy Butt Naked Baby Products directly from Butt Naked Baby here.  Butt Naked Baby Products are also available at Target and

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