Friday, April 1, 2011

Under Cover Month Winners!!!

The much anticipated announcement...the WINNERS!!!!  Instructions at the bottom...because I know you are not even reading are already half way down the page looking for your name! :)

Mother-Ease - Elizabeth McCarthy

For the Monster - Brooke Schwaderer

Dimple Buns - Jenny Hull

Nurtured Family - Andi Bradshaw

Econobum - Hannah Avery 

OsoCozy - Narelle Galloway

Bummis - Ariel Witt

Ruby Moon - Hillary Wenrich

Smart Bottoms - Laura Lovewell

AMP - Laura Burns

GEN-Y - Ashley Nance

Zookies - Leti Smith

Lil Bunz - Libby Hunt

Tiny Tush - Hannah Matousek

For Mom and Keiki - Emily Urso

Miss Lily's - Heather Mahan

Abby's Lane - Kari Meeker

Aliyah's Hope Chest - Alexis Bertch

Did you win? I hope so!!! Ok, now that you have looked to see if you have won...Winners, congrats!!! For those of you who did not win (and there are many of you...there were SO many entries) there are always more giveaways coming! So stay tuned!

Ok, for those of you who have won, I will be emailing you later today to get all of your information! I will then forward that information on to the sponsor and you should have your prize shortly!!! :) So check your email later today!! CONGRATS!

Again, thank you EVERYONE for reading and playing along during Under Cover Month!!



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  2. So excited to have won an AMP!! Thank you so much for all the work you put into this event and the opportunity to win some great prizes!

  3. Yeah...I WON!!! Thank you so much. I know it took a lot of time and work, but we all appreciate it. I love learning about all this stuff, just wish I had known much earlier. Enjoy your blogging break...we'll miss you, but so glad you remember that family comes way before this.