Thursday, April 14, 2011

DinkleDooz OS Diaper Review and Giveaway

Fits 8-35 pounds

Price Per Diaper:  ★★★★☆  This diaper retails for $15.95 (3 stars) but right now, Go Go Natural is having an introductory special and this diaper is $11.16 a per diaper!  Also, Go Go Natural has packages of 3,6, or 12 diapers in which the price per diaper is less as you buy more. Very affordable!  Plus, this diaper has some amazing benefits that make it worth your money!  This diaper can be bought from Go Go Natural here.

Leaks:  ★★★☆☆  This diaper was fantastic and leak free for daytime use and naps (up to 3 hours).  But, for night time use, the included inserts were just not enough for my heavy wetter!  Luckily, since this diaper is a pocket diaper, I could put in a different insert and then this was a great night time diaper too but it definitely needed the extra absorbency!  This diaper comes with a smaller newborn insert as well as a larger toddler insert.  The newborn insert can be used as a doubler with the toddler insert for extra absorbency.  The pocket also features a flap to keep your inserts in and maintain a leak free back.

Fit:  ★★★★★  In terms of fit, this diaper is QUITE similar to the Fuzzibunz!  This diaper has the 3 snaps on each tab (2 for the waist and one for the leg/hip) just like the Fuzzibunz.  This means a perfect fit every time!  Also, this diaper has a few things that many Fuzzibunz users wish their diapers have.  The first is crossover tabs!  This means that even for newborns or small waisted children, you can still get a perfect fit!  This also means that this diaper will truly fit at a newborn size!  Also, this diaper features the 3 snap down rise to lower the rise on a smaller child and let it out for a bigger one!  This multitude of adjustments give this diaper a perfect fit every time!

Ease of Use:  ★★★★☆  Since this diaper does have a multitude of snaps and possible adjustments, I would be a bit intimidating and confusing to a new-to-cloth diapering parent or someone who had never used snaps.  But once you have used the diaper a time or two, it is a cinch! 

Washing:  ★★★★★  Since this is a snap diaper, there is no washing wear or tear on the closure.  The pocket for this diaper is nice and wide for stuffing and removing the inserts.  The fleece inner is still extremely soft and it repels stains well.  This diaper still looks brand new and it has been used many times!  Great washability!

Overall Performance:  ★★★★★  I had been very curious about this diaper but it looked like many other diapers on the market.  I was surprised when I got this to review that it was as nice as it is and that it is quite different from others on the market!  Dinkledooz has taken those features that we love about other pocket diapers and has combined it into one diaper!  This diaper fits a lot like the Fuzzibunz diapers, but it has a wider pocket and the snap down rise!  Plus, this diaper is less expensive than the Fuzzibunz!  The only improvement that I could see for this diaper is the addition of replaceable/ removable elastic!

Total Stars:  26/30

For more information, you can visit the DinkleDooz site here.

Below, you can see a side-by-side comparison of DinkleDooz and Fuzzibunz OS.  DinkleDooz is the light pink and Fuzzibunz OS is the dark purple.
 In these two pictures, you can really see how much wider the pocket is in the DinkleDooz.

You can purchase DinkleDooz diapers from Go Go Natural here.  Or, Giveaway below!


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