Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Mommy - Jessica B.

Here is today's Monday Mommy...Jessica B.


I'm participating in Monday Mommy today!  I absolutely love this site and jumped at the chance to participate.

A little about me - I am currently working outside the home but only for two more months.  At that time I will become a stay-at-home mom to my 3 1/2 yr old little girl, and my 1 1/2 yr old little boy, we are also expecting #3 in November.  In the fall we will also start our journey of home-schooling (this is what I am most scared about!). 

This pregnancy has been 100% different then my first two and I am struggling in many ways.  It has been so hard on my body - I keep getting repeating migraines, my back and neck are giving me problems and I was sick for the first 3 months.... really sick.  Didn't gain any weight and food was not appetizing at all! 

But....every time I see a newborn I just melt.  I can not wait to snuggle up with one again, watching that peaceful look come over them as they are nursing, and fall asleep as content as they can be.  Honestly the part I am most looking forward to again is breastfeeding.  I nursed my daughter till she was 14 months old, and my son until he was 15 months old.... I loved it.  There is nothing like being able to provide the most basic need of your child with just the body God created you with.  It's beautiful. 

Now I can do without.  My first pregnancy I was into labor on my own - labored at home most of the day, got to the hospital and within 6 hours my baby girl was born.  Not too shabby.  My second labor and delivery are still a fog to me - I can not tell you what time my son was born.  It makes me sad. I had to be induced with him due to medical issues and about 3 hours into it they gave me my epidural.  And then I don't remember anything until about the doctor asking me if I was ready to push and I told her I wasn't able to lift my head... I had been overdosed on my epidural!  Completely and 100% was numb from the neck down - it was the most awful and scary thing.   After my baby basically fell out - they gave me a shot to counteract the drugs and I then spent over an hour going through withdrawal.  My husband would LOVE if I delivered this third time with no drugs........

My dream.... a water birth... with no drugs.  But unfortunately my hospital does not offer them and my tub at home is not big enough for that to happen in. :( 

I have also learned so much from our dear The Mommy Goods and am hopefully going to attempt cloth diapering with baby #3.  Although she may block my email by time I get it all figured out!

Please come visit me over at  where I blog about trying to raise my children in a Godly home while being the wife and child of God I was called to be.

~I hope that you have enjoyed this week's Monday Mommy! If you have questions for Jessica B. or any comments, please leave them below! Remember, Monday Mommy is an outlet for Mamas to speak freely about their experience as a mama. Questions and comments are encouraged, but please do not post negative comments as they will be deleted immediately.~


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