Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rockin Green Review and Giveaway

Total Stars:  ★★★★★

Wow!  All I can say is WOW!  I have heard all of the buzz and wonderful things being said about Rockin Green Detergent for cloth diapers, and now I can say that I completely agree!!!

As always, when using a new detergent on my diapers, I ask myself those same questions.  Does it get my diapers clean?  Do they smell fresh?  Are the stains gone?  Do any stinkies remain?  And the answer…Rockin Green works like a dream!

First of all, Rockin Green has taken added measures to make certain that you are getting the best wash for your diapers.  Rockin Green comes in 3 different formulas: Soft Rock, Classic Rock, and Hard Rock.  These different formulas are specifically designed for soft water, average water, and hard water.  The type of water that you have may ultimately affect how your diapers wash, how clean and fresh they are, how well they rinse, and unfortunately, may affect your baby’s bum.  So figuring out what type of water you have and buying detergent accordingly, is a MUST!  To see a map of what water type is common in your area, please go here

Additional, Rockin Green (as the name implies) has taken that Rocker feel a step further into their amazing scents and their rockin names!  Smashing Raspberries, Motley Clean, and Bare Naked Babies are just a few of their original rockin names and amazing scents!  I was boring and chose Bare Naked Babies which is a lovely fresh but unscented scent.  I actually really enjoy that it is unscented and fresh, but I am also excited to try a scent with my next bag!

So, the part you are most looking forward to, how did this detergent perform?  The answer is: amazingly!  No matter how stinky, smelly, poopy, nasty, etc my diapers were, they always came out clean and fresh with no residue or stinkies!  I actually (on purpose) committed the ultimate crime and didn’t wash diapers for a week!  Yes, a WEEK!  I did this on purpose to see how the Rockin Green would do on those nasty, stinky, icky diapers.  And guess what, my diapers (after a normal wash routine) came out completely fresh, clean, and stink free!  If there was something higher than 5 stars or an A+, Rockin Green would get it!

Even better, Rockin Green is safe for us and the environment.  Rockin Green is dye free, eco friendly, naturally scented, has no fillers, no enzymes, no brighteners, phosphate free, vegan, and safe for even the most sensitive skin!  My daughter has by FAR the most sensitive skin around, and even she has absolutely no problems with Rockin Green detergent.  Since we have been using Rockin Green, we have been rash free!!!

Rockin Green can be used in top loader or front loader washing machines!  I have a front loaded and this detergent worked perfectly!!!  For machine specific directions or washing questions, go here!

Yes, Rockin Green Detergent can be a little pricier than other detergents at approximately $13.95 for a 45/90 bag of Soft Rock or Classic Rock and $15.95 for Hard Rock, but for the almost customizable options, amazing scents, and even better performance, it can be well worth every penny!  In all honesty, you are only going to save a couple of bucks by trying to find a cheaper detergent.  However, if you are in my situation and do not have a cloth diapering brick and mortar store nearby, you may have to fork out extra cash for the shipping.  This can mean the difference between buying an OK detergent and a Fabulous detergent.  I still gave this detergent 5 stars because many people do have access to brick and mortar stores and for those of you who don’t, there are shops that offer free shipping such as Happy Baby Company (which carries Rockin Green!!).

Overall, I am in love with Rockin Green!  It is now my go-to detergent!  I am so happy that I finally broke down and joined the Rockin Green fan club!!!

My Washing Set-up!  Note the bG pockets hanging to dry!

You can find Rockin Green Products at many cloth diaper retailers or you may buy direct from Rockin Green here.  Or, Giveaway below!


  1. Thank you for the chance to win.

    1. I think Rockin' Green is a great line of the best green cleaning products out there! It works so well on all of my clothes that it just makes me extra happy to be using something that is eco friendly.

  2. Entered. Thanks for a great giveaway!