Monday, July 11, 2011

The new Cloth Diapering Bloggers Community on Facebook!

Hi Guys!

For those of you who belonged to the Cloth Diapering Bloggers group on Ning, the page will be shutting down. Kim from DDL had been keeping it up, but with prices going up and all, she decided to let it go.  I don't think anyone can blame her for that!  Blogging mamas don't get the salary we deserve! :)  So, I decided (with Kim's help) to start a Facebook page where we can all gather to share our posts, giveaways, information, ask questions, etc and support one another!  If you have any questions or would like your blog to be listed as a participant, please email me or post to the FB wall!

The new Cloth Diapering Bloggers Community on Facebook.

I will be getting an icon and grab button made shortly for the site!  Growing pains are good!!!

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  1. Odd. Someone else started one right after I received Kim's message about the Ning shutting down and several of us joined it already.