Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wahmies Wet Bag Review and Giveaway

What is the one cloth diapering accessory that you cannot have too many of…wet bags!  It seems like I am constantly running out of diaper bag size wet bags!  They are just so versatile!  Of course you can use them for dirty diapers but they also are wonderful for your wet clothes/swimwear after a trip to the beach, dirty clothes bag on travels, lunch bags, and a thousand other uses!

Wahmies makes one such wet bag, and it is perfect!  I was sent a regular size Wahmies wet bag in Chocolate Disco Dots.  According to the Wahmies website, this bag measures 13 inches by 15 inches.  My measurements were closer to 12 inches by 14 inches after being washed.  This is the perfect size for the diaper bag and will hold 5-8 diapers depending on their size.

Wahmies makes extremely cute prints for the outside of their bags and then they are lined with PUL to make the bag waterproof.  So, cute AND functional…can it get any better?  Wahmies has also put a nice little strap with a snap on the side of the bag so you can hang it or attach it depending on your needs!  There is also a 2.5 inch by 5 inch fabric pad inside the bag to put oils or scents on to control odor.

This bag performed very well after many uses and many washes.  It contained all mess and all smell, washed very well, and appears that it will last for a long time to come.  My only complaint was the zipper.  The pull tab on the zipper is quite small and my husband had trouble opening and closing the bag.  This is a minor detail, but when you are out and about with a screaming child, this was the straw that broke both mommy and daddy’s back.

Overall, I am very pleased with this bag.  The bag is made of quality construction and it performed very well, even after multiple washes.  My only wish is that the pull tab on the zipper be a little bigger.

Total Stars:  ★★★★★

This bag retails for approximately $15.99 and a list of retailers can be found here.  Or, Giveaway below!