Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Bash Giveaways!

In honor of TMG's first Birthday and as a way to thank all of you FABULOUS fans for supporting me and this blog, I have rounded up a HUGE giveaway spectacular event!  Below you will find information on each giveaway, links to sponsor pages, and finally, the giveaways!  It is simple to enter, just fill in the one and only mandatory entry for each item.  If you do not wish to enter for a specific item, you may leave that one blank.

Also, with the ever changing Facebook laws, I will no longer be using Facebook as an entry in the giveaways.  So below with the item and sponsor information is also their Facebook and Twitter links.  Please follow them and thank them for this amazing giveaway, but of course, this is not mandatory nor is it an entry.  It is just a nice thing to do for these amazing sponsors who are giving away free items!

Giveaway ends August 22nd at midnight and winners will be announced on the blog and emailed on August 23rd.  All winners will be drawn using

Everything Birth - Garden Dreams Baby Bum Butter 2 oz.
Everything Birth on Facebook
Everything Birth on Twitter

A gentle cream formulated to heal rash and protect baby's tender bum from irritating moisture.  Works great on overworked hands as well!

Fuzzibunz - Hanging Diaper Pail and One-Size Diaper
Fuzzibunz on Facebook
Fuzzibunz on Twitter

Winner's choice of colors.

Rockin Green Laundry Detergent - 90/180 Bag of Detergent
Rockin Green on Facebook
Rockin Green on Twitter

Winner's choice of formula and scent.

Miss Lily's Washing Powder - Full Bag of Detergent
Miss Lily's on Facebook

Winner's choice of scent, unscented, or oils.

EcoMcBaby - Customized Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags
EcoMcBaby on Facebook

Winner's choice of fabric.

Reusable sandwich and snack bags made of decorative cotton outer layer and a waterproof PUL inner layer. To clean, simply turn inside out and rinse!

Sandwich bag: 7 x 6.5
Snack bag: 3.5 x 6.5

You may search through the EcoMcBaby ready to sell items to see what fabric choices are in stock, but she is also willing to work with the winner to find a fabric choice or theme that you like.

GoGreen Pocket Diapers - Champ Diaper
GoGreen Pocket Diapers on Facebook
GoGreen Pocket Diapers on Twitter

Winner's choice of color/print.

Diva Diapers - $25 Gift Certificate
Diva Diapers on Facebook
Diva Diapers on Twitter

MammaMichal's Freshly Made Natural Body Care Products - Gift Vouchers 
MammaMichal's on Facebook

For this Giveaway, there are four vouchers and will be four different winners.  I will email the first winner for their choice of voucher, than the second, and so on.

The vouchers are:

1.  35% off aromatherapy lotions.  Chose from:
*8 oz Aromatherapy Rose Lotion
*8 oz Aromatherapy English Garden Lotion
*8 oz Aromatherapy Lavender Lotion
*8 ox Aromatherapy Rustic Touch Lotion

2.  50% of our hot lava muscle rub
3.  Spa for all Package - Buy any of our 8 oz aromatherapy lotions at regular price and receive 25% off our hot lava muscle rub, 50% off our herbal healing salve, a free lipbalm and free shipping to USA.

4.  50% off our Aromatherapy Floral Bath Salts.

ShinyHineys - Nursery Tub and Travel Wipes case in Pink Picnic.
ShinyHineys on Facebook

Bebe Au Lait - Nursing Cover
Bebe Au Lait on Facebook
Bebe Au Lait on Twitter

Winner's choice of print.

Thirsties - Duo Wrap and Duo Hemp Prefold
Thirsties on Facebook
Thirsties on Twitter

Winner's choice of size, print/color, and closure.

Again, Please Please Please follow these sponsors on Facebook and Twitter.  And Please thank them as well!!!  Giveaways below!  Good luck!!!


  1. So awesome-thanks for the chance!!

  2. Thanks for this giveaway and happy birthday to a great blog!! :)

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Birthday!

  4. Since I am comment blocked, I'll leave my thanks here! Thank you sponsors! You have been very generous! And Happy Birthday to you (or should it be your blog?!? LOL)
    tvpg at aol dot com

  5. My daughter is due in October & what a gift this would be! Thanks for the opportunity!