Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Posh Pumpkins OS Diaper and Turtle Bag Review and Giveaway

Fits – One-Size fits 7-35 pounds

Price Per Diaper:  ★★☆☆☆  The Posh Pumpkins OS diaper retails for $27.95 per diaper.  Since this is an All-in-One diaper (AIO) this is about average for this type of diaper.  You do get a bang for your buck since this is an AIO diaper and it is made of absorbent and soft bamboo and organic cotton.  Also, the outer of this diaper is made from waterproof bamboo jersey; no PUL here!

Leaks:  ★★★☆☆  This diaper is comprised of two attached three layer bamboo inserts.  One is attached at the front and one at the back.  Simply overlap both inserts into the diaper and you have 6 layers of absorbency!  There are also elastic leg gussets and elastic back waist to provide a great fit and contain messes and leaks.  This diaper performed very well with no leaks during the day.  For nap time, I found that about half of the time, this diaper would leak with my super soaker child.  With a simple booster (of another brand) this diaper did very well for nap time use, but the diaper just did not work alone to contain leaks for nap time.  For this reason, I did not use this diaper at night.  I do feel that if you found a booster that fit this diaper well, you could have a great overnight option!

Fit:  ★★★★★  This diaper has a 3 snap down rise to adjust the rise as your baby grows.  Also, this diaper has two rows of snaps across the front of the diaper to adjust the waist as well as a crossover snap for infants.  Due to the stretchy back waist, the ample snap options, and the small innate stretch ability of the bamboo fabric of the diaper, you can find a perfect fit every time!  I had no trouble fitting this diaper to my daughter and loved that the fabric gave enough stretch if she was between snaps to fix the “between snap debacle” from being a problem!  I feel that this diaper will fit a small baby such as a newborn earlier than other OS diapers and may actually fit most children from birth.  However, on the other end of that, I feel that this diaper fits smaller than many OS diapers.  If you have a chunky baby or if your child is in diapers for a long while before potty training; your child may grow out of this diaper before other diapers.  My two year old daughter is about 25 pounds and is 36 inches tall (very tall and very skinny).  Most of her OS diapers fit perfectly, this one is out further on snaps and seemed a little smaller on her.

Ease of Use:  ★★★★★  It almost cannot get easier!  The snaps and stretchy of this diaper made it easy as pie to get on.  There are no removable parts, just toss in the wash and take out.  No stuffing or fussing.  It washes well.  It is made of natural fibers so there is no stink issues.  Easy peasey!

Washing:  ★★★★★  As I said above, this diaper is a cinch to wash.  It washes well, poop comes out easily and without staining.  There are no stink issues.  There are no inserts or other parts to fuss with.  Just toss it in the wash then tumble dry or hang to dry.  And simply lay the inserts back in place when ready to use!  Also, because the inserts are only attached at one end of the diaper, they are free to dangle in the wash and drying, this negates the age old battle of AIOs and the long drying time.  This diaper dries in no time!

Overall Performance:  ★★★★☆  I really enjoyed this diaper!  I love how soft the diaper is inside and out!  It has a one of a kind design between the bamboo inner and outer fabric as well as the insert design.  I love that it washes easily and is quite easy to use and I LOVE the bright and adorable colors (see colors here)!  My only concerns with this diaper are that it may not fit as long as other OS diapers and that it was not absorbent enough on it’s own for nap and night time.  I would recommend this diaper, however I suggest buying some additional boosters to go with it!

Total Stars:  24/30

Posh Pumpkins Turtle Bag – Small

This is a very nice wet bag and the adorable bright prints are just amazing!  The inner is made of  ProCare antibacterial waterproof material that is extremely waterproof and stink resistant.  The zipper is a nice big size which is a huge improvement from the teeny tiny zipper on many wet bags.  This wet bag seems to be a little smaller than many other small wet bags measuring at just 12in x 12in.  There is enough room for 4-5 PP diapers since they are so trim.  But I would say there is only room for 3-4 typical one size diapers.  There is a strap on one side to hook the wet bag to a diaper bag, door handle, etc.  This strap is wonderful because there are so many different uses for it!  This bag is quality construction and seems as though it will last the test of time.  My only complaint (which isn’t a big deal) is that after washing, the cotton outer seems smaller than the ProCare inner.  This may be due to drying the wet bag in the dryer.  It is no biggie, but my wet bag will not lay or fold flat.  Instead it bunches a little bit at one end where the inner fits into the corners and is a little too big.  I did not notice this until after washing, and I assume that the cotton outer shrunk a little in the dryer causing this glitch.  It does not affect the function or beauty of the wet bag.

Posh Pumpkin wet bags are available in Small (12inx12in), Medium (13inx20in), and large (16inx25in).

Total Stars:  ★★★★★

You can purchase Posh Pumpkins products here or Giveaway below!



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