Monday, August 22, 2011

Wahmies Pail Liner Review and Giveaway

After doing the Wahmies Wet Bag review a while back and loving that product, I was thrilled when Wahmies contacted me to review two more of their procucts!!!  (stay tuned tomorrow for another one!)  I am always looking for new products and new cloth diapering accessories to try, so I was excited when they sent me a Wahmies Pail liner to review.

When looking at this pail liner, it seems so simple, but the construction of this pail liner is perfect!  The overall fabric of the liner is Waterproof Polyurethane Laminated Polyester (PUL) so it is waterproof, wipe able, and machine washable with the rest of your diaper laundry.  It is so convenient that you can just toss the diapers into the washer and toss the pail liner in along with them!

The Wahmies Pail liner is designed with an elastic top to the liner that will stretch and hug any size pail.  The Pail Liner measures 29 inches tall and fits most diaper pails or standard Kitchen trash cans up to 53 quarts/ 13 gallons.

Also at the top of the Pail Liner is a stretchy elastic band.  This is the Wahmies “custom closure” device.  When you are removing the pail for wash day, simply pull the elastic around the top of the pail liner to close the bag!  The elastic is long enough to get around the bag but not long enough to pose a strangulation hazard for your little one.

If you are having stink issues with your pail or if you just want your pail to smell nice, there is a fabric pad sewn into the inside seam of the pail liner that you can put tea tree oil or other fragrances on to keep your pail smelling fresh.  I did not have any stink issues with this liner, but this is a nice feature if you like to smell something nice when you lift the pail lid!

I love this pail liner!  It works well in my diaper pail, it washes up nicely with no wear or tear, and it is a cinch to use!  I have found that it fits my pail better, is constructed better, and is more resistant to smells than my other washable pail liners! A+

Total Stars:  ★★★★★

I use a simple 10 gallon kitchen garbage can with a step to open the lid as my diaper pail.  I highly recommend this as it works perfectly, is a ton cheaper than a diaper pail, and is readily available at local stores.  It is available from Walmart here for $14.94.

You may Purchase this pail liner from my affiliates Kelly’s Closet and Happy Baby Company, affiliate links to right.  Or Giveaway below!


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