Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pregnancy Wednesday: 12 weeks


Bye Bye first trimester!!!!  Depending on which reference you use, some texts say that 12 weeks begins the second trimester and some say that 13 weeks begins the second trimester.  As a L&D nurse, we always go with 12 weeks beginning the second I am celebrating!!!  WOOHOO!!!

I seems unreal to be 12 weeks.  It also seems unreal to realize how big the baby is already!  A plum!  My baby is the size of a plum!  That is BIG!  With Miss A, my pregnancy just flew by and was such an easy pregnancy...apparently (and hopefully) this one is going to be just as nice!  Although I am trying to take moments like this to stop and just enjoy this!  Life seems to get away from you, we all need to slow down and enjoy the moment!

My husband and I are quickly realizing the list of lasts...this will be our last Thanksgiving and Christmas with just Miss A.  Next year we will be a family of four!  I almost feel like we are taking something away from Miss A, almost like we are mourning the end of time with her as an only child.  But at the same time, we are so excited to expand our family!  Did anyone else feel this weird guilty feeling when adding to your family?  I mean, we are NOT waiting until she is 18 to have another!!!  Honestly, she will be just a few weeks short of 3 when this one arrives, so it really will be perfect timing!  She will be old enough to grasp a little of what is going on but not so old that she hates us!

I am still feeling great!  Still a little tired here and there.  This past week Miss A and I have had the most awful we are fighting those.  Tis the season!  If I weren't pregnant, I would probably be taking every over the counter cold medicine there is...but I am trying to fight through with nothing.  I know I could take something safe, but I haven't gotten that desperate....yet!!  It keeps getting worse, not better, so I may end up taking something.

And I SWEAR no matter what people say...I am feeling movement.  I feel little flutters and little is SO not gas!  Especially when I use my doppler to listen to the heartbeat...the baby tries to get away and I can feel the "flop" of the baby trying to roll away.  It is so weird but so wonderful!  I mentioned before, that with Miss A, I didn't feel movement until 22 weeks.  So I really never felt the flutters of early pregnancy.  By the time I felt her, they were for real kicks!  So this is amazing!!!

Still craving dill pickles...but nothing crazy that I just HAVE to have!

How are you feeling?

A peek at the little one...

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