Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pregnancy Wednesday: 13 weeks


13 Weeks.  How did that happen?  I know I say that every week, but seriously...the weeks are just flying on by.

The biggest development this week is the bump!  I cannot fit into anything that is either not maternity or not elastic waist and there is definitely a noticeable bump there.  Not so noticeable that passersby would know for sure that I am pregnant, but they would wonder!  It is so fun to start "showing" and actually feel pregnant.  I didn't really show with Miss A until 14 weeks, so 13 weeks doesn't sound too strange!  It just seems SO early to be sporting a bump.

And it is official, I am definitely feeling movement.  Last night I was sitting in bed and I felt the baby completely roll over.  This little FLOP from within and I knew exactly what it was.  Every time we have looked at this little one on Ultrasound, it has been VERY active, so I am not terribly surprised that I am feeling movement early.  And every time I use my doppler to listen to the heart beat, I feel movement as the baby tries to run away from the doppler! LOL

Nothing else big has happened this week.  Baby seemed to really enjoy turkey on Thanksgiving.  But, my mom put a ton of fresh cracked pepper in the potatoes and the baby (and my stomach) did NOT like that.  Little bit of nausea, some water and tums, and I was back on track for Thanksgiving dinner...I just avoided the potatoes!  Funny how little things like that affect you so much more when you are pregnant!  That is really the first nausea that I have felt the entire pregnancy, so I cannot complain!

Otherwise, still feeling great!  Still tired on and off, but still manageable.  I was really tired the other day (after a bad night of sleep) and I was a bad girl and had a Dr Pepper.  Boy, that tasted good!  With Miss A, I did not have one drop of caffeine my entire pregnancy.  I had planned to do the same this time, but sometimes a little tiny pick-me-up is needed.  My one little Dr Pepper was still less than the pregnancy daily recommended amount and I was out of the first trimester, so I took the chance.  Plus, I actually split it over two days.  Baby and I both enjoyed it!

Something funny:  I kept making a repeated typo while typing this post...I kept typing "boy" for any "b" word. Trying to tell me something fingers?

Food cravings this week:  Dill pickles, Colby cheese sticks, and Fruit Snacks.

Aversion:  Pepper.

How are you feeling?

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