Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smart Bottoms Trainer Review and Giveaway

Small – Fits 20-30 pounds (I was sent a size small)
Large – Fits 30+ pounds

Price Per Trainer:  ★★★☆☆  This trainer retails for $18 direct from Smart Bottoms.  Other popular trainers retail for $16-$20 so this seems to be an average and very fair price.  Plus this trainer comes with some additional features and benefits that other trainers do not have.

Fit:  ★★★★☆  I was surprised, for a trainer with no possible adjustments, it fit well on my daughter at 24 pounds and at 29 pounds.  Since she is so tall, as she approached the 29 pounds, the rise is extremely low on her.  This is not as important since a trainer is not meant to absorb a ton, but it does sit pretty low on her.  Around the legs and around the waist, this trainer is quite stretchy to fit any stature of child.  This also makes this trainer extremely comfy for the child.

Accident Absorbency:  ★★★★★  This trainer is lined with 100% Organic cotton and the exterior is fleece with a hidden layer of PUL in the wet zone.  Additionally, there is a snap in/out insert to add 4 layers of absorbency.  This would be perfect for those early trainers that are still prone to accidents.  My daughter is still not ready to potty train so we had many accidents in these and they absorbed extremely well!

Washing:  ★★★★☆  This trainer washed up very well.  Since the interior is 100% organic cotton, it is prone to stains.  So if your child had a #2 accident, it would stain easily but it could be sunned out.  I was also sad at how pilly the fleece got after washing.  Neither of these problems would affect function of this trainer.  It is very easy to wash.  You can snap out the soaker if you desire but is not necessary.  And if your child just had a little dribble on the insert you can replace with another insert and keep using the trainer or just take the insert out and use the trainer without.  Very easy to use!

Overall Performance:  ★★★★★  I love how easy this trainer is to simply pull up and down for potty runs, I love the added absorbency, and I love how comfy it is for baby.  Highly recommend!  These trainers also come in some adorable (and child pleasing) colors that might make potty training that much easier!

Total Stars:  21/25

You can purchase this trainer direct from Smart Bottoms here.



  1. I would like size small in Gold
    tomokofive at gmail dot com

  2. Small Green

  3. This would be perfect for my oldest at nap and bedtime! He would need a large and his favorite color is blue.

  4. I would choose a small in purple!

  5. I would choose a large in green

    (rachel n on raffelcopter)

  6. Large Blue

    Samantha Cuhel
    gothickornchic at gmail dot com

  7. I like the purple small

    elannbe at gmail

  8. I want to switch mine to small blue. Oh decisions, decisions!! :)

  9. I would choose large in gold or green!
    sabrina radke
    sradke1024 at gmail dot com

  10. Large Green


  11. JustCorey

    small green for my ds

    coreybelle86 at yahoo dot com

  12. Size small and we like green! -Sharon M

  13. I'd go with a size small Purple trainer