Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hey Ma! Look at me!

So I will be honest...I have been so busy this past week with...POTTY TRAINING...that I didn't have a chance to start my reviews on the trainers yet!  So while Miss A is at school this morning and Baby J is napping, I decided to fill you in on the HUGE progress we have made this week with my stubborn little potty learner!

Last Tuesday we FINALLY had our first potty hit...Miss A's very first pee in the potty!!  At 3 1/2, it was bound to happen soon!  And mama was *so proud* and just made the biggest deal about it so that Miss A would get the idea that this is a good thing!!!  We did more potty sitting Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday but with school and other things going on, we didn't have a hit.  She seemed to be waiting and specifically going in her trainer.  Even when I kept her naked, she would hold it and then go in her trainer at nap time.  So I knew that naked time would work!!  DH and I decided that we were going to get all of our errands done on Friday so that we could be home all weekend and let Miss A run naked with two parents to watch her and care for Baby J!

So Saturday morning arrived.  DH and I were both nervous and dreading the fight that was to come.  As soon as she got up, we stripped her and had the potty talk once more!  She got up around took her until 2:00 to finally pee on the potty!!!  This girl can HOLD IT!  She had 3 sippy cups of milk in her and two meals!  And FINALLY she peed on the potty!  DH and I had promised a trip to Chuck E Cheese when she peed on the potty (my least favorite place especially on a Saturday) so we packed the kids up and headed to  CEC!  While there, I needed to use the restroom and for the first time ever, I asked if she wanted to come and she said YES!  So we marched to the bathroom and she sat on the potty.  After a few minutes she said "all done potty" but she hadn't peed.  So I asked her if she needed to pee and she said "no."  Oh well, I still chalk that up to a success because she is becoming aware!

Sunday we again got her up and stripped her immediately!  It took her until 1:00.  LOL!  This kid is so stubborn!!!  But this is still HUGE progress!

Monday was by far the biggest surprise!  I was nervous to be alone with a potty training naked toddler and a 6 month old...but this was a good thing!  Miss A has reached the point with potty training that she can run around and play and then run to the potty when she needs to go!  TWICE on Monday she peed on the potty!!!!  And neither time did I or DH say or do anything.  She was playing and then ran for the potty and peed!!!  Mama is SOOOO proud!!!  Naked time WORKS!

Yesterday (Tuesday) we had a small set back but also a HUGE success!  Yesterday our internet was out and I had to call the cable man to come out and look at it.  While we were waiting for him to come...Miss A pooped on the potty for the first time!!!  We had been trying all weekend to get her to poop on the potty but she would hold it and go in her trainer at nap time. :(  But yesterday we finally got a poop!  YAY!!!  Then when the cable man pulled up to our house I had to throw a trainer and pants on Miss A...can't have a naked kid running around with a strange man...the cable guy was at our house for an hour and a half and Miss A peed in her trainer.  Boo.  Such a high and low day.

Today Miss A is at school.  Her teachers are *wonderful* and when I explained to them this morning that she was doing so well they were SO excited and agree to ask her later if she needs to use the potty!  I guarantee that she will say no...but they agreed to plant that little seed in her brain! ;)  She tends to hold her pee while at school so maybe she will pee when she gets home!!!  *fingers crossed!*

So naked time is going WONDERFULLY!!!  For those of you dealing with difficult and stubborn potty learners...I highly recommend naked time!  Hopefully your child won't hold it to the point of explosion like mine!!!  I just don't know how we are going to transition back into pants!!! LOL!  She does amazingly well when she is naked!  But ANY time she is in pants of any kind...pull-up (for school), cloth trainer, big girl underwear, etc she just pees.  Not sure how to get her to stop doing that.  We are still early in the potty learning process, so I'm hoping it just *clicks* and she is good to go! :)

One other tip to share...Potty Presents!!!  We first got Miss A to pee on the potty promising Chuck E Cheese!  Obviously the prizes needed to come down in cost! LOL!  So we have a bin filled with toys and treats from the dollar store!!!  She loves to pick out the next prize, we sit it on the entertainment center, and then when she pees she finally gets to have it!  Then she picks out the next one and we have to work toward that prize!  I was just going to keep the bin of prizes handy and let her pick when she goes, but she likes to know what she is getting next!  Hey, whatever works!!!

Next week I hope to start getting the reviews up for the cloth trainers.  That is my plan.  But I may wait and see how Miss A does with the potty.  She definitely has some that she prefers and some that she doesn't love.  I am going to rate them based on absorbency, fit, how mom likes them, how toddler likes them, if they are good for night time, washing, and cost.  Is there anything else you want to know about the trainers?

Stay tuned for our continuing adventure in Potty Training!!

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  1. I am afraid the best way to train a child is to get rid of diapers and "trainers" altogether and go straight to the underpants. I'm training a rather stubborn one at this moment (she's not mine, I babysit) and stickers and MnM's seem to be working as a motivator. At least she's staying dry, the poop is a whole different game. :P