Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ode to a Potty

Most of you know about our on-going quest for potty training with Miss A.  It has been (and still is) quite the ride!!!  She has been completely anti-potty and still is!  But mama knows that at 3 1/2 she needs to be thinking about it!  She will be headed off to Pre-K next year and HAS to be potty trained or no school!  We were quite lucky to find a Preschool that would take her not fully potty trained.  Since it is only 2 mornings a week it is not that big of a problem!  Most days she comes home and her trainer is completely dry!  She can definitely hold it and is in control of her bladder and bowel!  But trying to get this chick to go on the potty is like trying to climb Mount Everest using only your's impossible!!!

Yesterday, we had a break through...or at least I hope we did!  Miss A peed on the potty for the VERY FIRST TIME!!!

Yesterday was day two of the potty sit.  I started making her sit until she pees.  Monday it didn't work because after 2 1/2 hours of potty sitting, Baby J needed me and I had to put Miss A in a trainer.  Within a minute of being back in training pants...she peed!  I was upset but this proved that she was just holding it to go in her pants. :(  So I decided that yesterday she was going to sit there until she peed.  So after 3 hours of sitting and 2 sippy cups of milk...SHE PEED!!!  We had the biggest, loudest, wildest party!!!  We danced, we sang, we yelled, we clapped, she got candy, a sticker on her potty chart, and Daddy came home for lunch with a big cookie for her!

So we partied and made a big deal hoping to put that imprint in her head that she is to pee on the potty!

And then we had a small set back.  After she peed in the potty and we danced and partied...she asked for underpants.  I was getting ready to make lunch anyway and the little chick hates being naked, so I put a Blueberry trainer on her and went to make lunch.

A few minutes later she came to me grabbing her crotch.  She had SOAKED her trainer. :(  Apparently she had not fully emptied her bladder and had finished the job in her underpants.

I was bummed.  I went from excitement and the beaming mother to bummed in no time!  I knew that she wouldn't potty train at the snap of my fingers but DANG that was a blow!

Today she has school, so today is a set back in and of its own because we are not potty sitting.  Tomorrow we will potty sit again and see if she will pee sooner on her own.  Because there was some pee in the potty and then she emptied in her underpants, I am not sure if she was in control of the pee in the potty or if she just could not hold it anymore and some came out.  What do you think?  Has this happened to you while training?

But now that she has gone in the potty once and we made a big deal about it, I am hoping that the concept is in her brain and she will catch on!  If for no other reason than the candy and the party!!! :)

Do you have any ideas or tips for the stubborn potty learner?  I am open to anything!  I think I have tried everything...LOL!!!

Or if you have a child with a speech or developmental delay, how did you overcome potty training?  I still wonder if the speech delay might be part of our problem, but I have found that she uses this as a crutch at times.  She is smarter than we sometimes give her credit! LOL!!!  For more on her speech delay, go here.

Are you currently potty training?  How's it going?

And if you have used or are using cloth trainers, what have you used?  What have you liked/disliked?  For more on what brand I will be reviewing, go here.  If there is a brand that you are interested in seeing a review for, please leave a comment below!

***The Minnie Mouse Potty in the picture above is the same one that Miss A uses.  It is much easier to have this in the living room than trying to potty sit in the Bathroom for hours and hours.  Cute potty is a MUST for the stubborn potty trainer!***

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