Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some of my favs

So as a blogger you never know who you're helping or annoying by posting links... but just in the past few days I've had a couple friends let me know that they have appreciated some of the links I have been posting lately.  And well that made me warm inside! So here I am sharing with you my favorite articles from the past month or so.  They may not pertain to me directly (no newborn here) but they sure are full of valuable information to tuck away for future use!

Hugs to all of you and I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful holiday season (I on the other hand haven't wrapped one gift yet - eek!)

The Root of Yelling - Sadly having #3 has brought out the worst in me at times :(

Where's the Baby, Ma'am - hilarious post about trying to share unwanted formula!

Breastfeeding a new baby - this letter from a newborn to it's mommy may just make you cry (I did!)

Finding Joy: dear mom who likes everything perfect - This is just a plain awesome post. period.

Avoiding early holiday weaning - I am just thankful some friends found this helpful.

*to anyone who would like to read all the dear mom letters - here's a link to her site. 

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