Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Little Backstory To Say Hello....

     Hello TMG followers. My name is Robin and I will be Tuesday's blog contributor. I am have been married for almost 4 years to my "balancer". I call DH that because with him being so laid back and me being so outgoing (and outspoken), he has calmed me down alot! At the same time I have brought him out of his shell a bit as well! We have three beautiful children together, all which have been "pushed out" and breastfed. Jubba, our eldest daugher, just turned 5 in March. Captain Caveman, our only son, will be 3 in July. And the Velociraptor, our youngest daughter, was born in December of 2011 and is just 4 months and still breastfeeding. Our children are 2 years and 4 months apart from each other and none were "planned" considering I was on bc when I got pregnant with each of them ! I consider them blessings and treat them as such. I have always wanted to be a Mommy for as long as I can remember. People would ask what we wanted to be when we grew up and most of my friends would say ballerinas or princesses... I would say I want to be married and have LOTS of babies!
     I am lucky to be a stay at home Mommy at this point. It is the most rewarding job I have EVER had. I get to watch my babies grow and learn on a daily basis. My children have never been in daycare nor do I have any plans on them ever being there. Jubba started K4 this past fall in a cyber school program that offers a brick and mortar facility for them to attend actual school. I would LOVE to homeschool but I believe socialization is a big and important part of a child's learning experience. We do have a membership to the children's museum and use it quite often. I also enjoy taking my kids to the zoo, the park, the aviary ... really anywhere were they can experience new and exciting things. Watching them enjoy themselves makes my heart smile.
     I am a cloth diaper addict. I currently have two in cloth, but I am hoping that Cpt. Caveman will potty learn soon. He has expressed intrest so as soon as it warms up a bit more we will start "bootcamp" (which will be a blog series in itself). I started using cloth on Cpt. Caveman when he was 20m and I have never looked back! Cloth is my new favorite addiction! I love all things cloth! I have a stash of over 100 dipes and it continues to grow! My stash contains pockets, aios, ai2s, fitteds, prefolds, doublers, covers, and woolies ... I do NOT descriminate, I LOVE all cloth =) I also use cloth wipes, wipe solution, cloth friendly bum creams and cloth friendly detergent on all my laundry. And when Auntie Flow decides to visit again I will be using cloth pads as well! I have wooden teethers for the Velocirapor (when she's not devouring her Sophie) and I have nusing necklaces that protect me from pinches and also double as teethers. To help some this part up, because my list can go on and on .... if it's related to cloth or natural in anyway I probably use it =)
     I am a big fan of baby-wearing and do it as often as possible, even around the house! I love it and so does the Velociraptor. I love being close to her just as much as she does to me. Though some people would say I spoil her with this I say that is where babies belong! She is a well-balanced baby, she is not always in the ring-sling she gets some much needed tummy-time too! Baby-wearing helps me get stuff done around the house and keeps my baby happy so in my opinion two rights can not make a wrong =)

     I enjoy all things outdoors. Camping and fishing are two of my faves. I also enjoy reading, it allows me a little time in another world "away from it all". I love making matching dresses for me and my daughters. I am trying right now to take my sewing skills to a new level by trying my hand at making some fitted diapers for the Velociraptor. I enjoy listening to music, I have tons that I love and only a select few that I don't. I'm not big on wearing make up though I will for certain events and I own dress clothes and heels but am more comfortable in jeans, a cute top and some tennis shoes. I am pretty easy going and can be very spontanious at times, though being a Mommy has given me alot more responsiblities and spontanaiety and parenting does not fit all the time!
     I will be posting alot about my children (obviously, lol) and my experiences with them. I will also be doing alot of reviews (and giveaways!!!) on items I use and some I have never tried. I want to be as interactive as possible whe it comes to reviews so if there is anything you would like to see reviewed please let me know and I will do my best at securing it for you =) Speaking of reviews and giveaways ... I have a couple all ready lined up so be on the look out! I look foward to sharing my experiences with you and I hope you enjoy reading them =)

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