Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bamboobies Butterfly Wrap Review and Giveaway

What is the one thing that is priceless to any breastfeeding mother?  A Nursing Cover!  And once again, Bamboobies has created a one of a kind and smartly designed product!  The Butterfly wrap is stretchy, soft, light-weight, comfortable, and versatile.  It is made from an extremely soft and comfortable blend of Organic Cotton, Soy Fiber, and Spandex.  This combination keeps both mom and baby cool and comfortable while nursing.

Bamboobies also loves to make their products versatile and able to do more than just the primary intention of the product.  The Butterfly Wrap is also able to be used in a multitude of ways.  Since it is a stretchy wrap, it is perfect to wear on a cool day whether you are pregnant, post-partum, breastfeeding, or not!  You can wear it as a shawl around your shoulders or, it can even be worn as a skirt!  Since the wrap is basically square, you could even use it as a receiving blanket in a pinch!  You will find a hundred other uses for this wrap in addition to a nursing cover.

When I first got the Butterfly Wrap, I was concerned about the sizing.  I am a plus size mama and I was skeptical about the sizes.  The Butterfly Wrap comes in two sizes, S/M and M/L.  Of course I chose the M/L but I was a little concerned that it would not fit since I cannot remember the last time that I purchased a Medium or a Large!

The package finally came, and it was time to see IF this Butterfly wrap would fit or not.  To my surprise, due to the stretchy fabric, the Wrap fit very well!  It is not tight or uncomfortable.  I love the soft stretchy fabric and I love the fact that I can proudly state that I am wearing a M/L!!! J

The Wrap has a generous neck opening so that you can see baby for that precious eye contact, but there is also enough fabric around the neck so that you aren’t showing anything that you don’t want to.  There is enough fabric and enough stretch that you are completely covered at all times and do not feel like you are hanging out.

This wrap also washes very easily and dries quickly.  So if baby spits up on your pretty and elegant wrap, no problem!  You can rinse it out in any bathroom and it will dry in no time or you can toss it in the washer/dryer at home.  This wrap washes well, with no wear or tear visible after about 7-10 washes; it dries quickly, and has not lost any of its stretch or comfort.

Overall, I love the Butterfly Wrap.  It comes in four very attractive and pleasing colors and can easily be added into your wardrobe.  It folds flat to go into a purse or diaper bag, or you can simply wear it as a wrap and be ready to breastfeed wherever you are!  This wrap is very soft, very comfortable, and very versatile.  This would make a great addition to any expectant or breastfeeding mother’s arsenal of baby accessories!

My only note to Bamboobies would be, to potentially in the future have a larger size for plus size mamas.  I was comfortable in the wrap and felt that I had enough room and enough coverage to breastfeed.  However, I know that there are many mamas out there who are bigger than me and would probably feel more comfortable in a larger size. 

Total Stars:  ★★★★★

You can purchase Bamboobies Butterfly Wrap here!  Please use the coupon code "MOMGOODS" at the check out for 20% off of your purchase!

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