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Breastfeeding Guest Blogger - Jessica B.

Today's Guest Blogger for this week's Breastfeeding event is Jessica B.  Jessica is currently ready to pop with baby number three and ready to start another breastfeeding experience!  Here are her responses to the questions that I asked the guest bloggers to speak on.  If you have any questions or comments for Jessica, please leave them below!  And please, enjoy her breastfeeding journey!  ~Laura

Breastfeeding Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
My biggest tip is to relax, relax, relax.  Women have been doing this since the beginning of time – our bodies were created for this and we need to have more faith in them.  If someone tells you something and it doesn’t feel right – do not feel guilty for not believing them – do what’s best for YOU and your baby

Things you wish you had known prior to your first breastfeeding session

It’s hard.  And tiring.  But oh so rewarding. As I am anticipating the birth of my third child – the only thing that is getting me through my fear of labor and delivery is the chance to breastfeed again.  There is absolutely nothing like snuggling with your baby in the middle of the night while all is quiet and calm. 
Also – you can combo nurse-on-command and nurse-on-schedule.  But a baby does need a schedule – that’s one thing I wish I would have known.  My first BF experience was rough because I constantly offered the boob to her and she just wasn’t hungry half the time – she just need to fuss to burn some energy so she could eat better later.  There’s a fine line and you’ll know what it is!

How you dealt with going back to work and pumping
Start pumping early… very very early and build up your supply – it’s never too early to build it up. But make sure your freezer door shuts every time!  A picture never worked to help let my milk down but I took a blanket with me and the smell did the trick every time!

Manual vs. Electric Pump.  Include brand name and/or model if you found one that you highly recommend.
I bought a very expensive electric pump and it didn’t work at all for me.  I actually pumped by hand into a glass cup.  Yes… I really did.  Once you get the knack for it – I found I could pump twice the amount in half the time. 

Those embarrassing Breastfeeding stories…we all have them!
My supply was always great and at least once if not twice a day my poor girl would get covered in a milk bath because she couldn't drink fast enough... hee hee  I remember the first time trying to nurse her in public.  My husband and I were shopping and I went into a fancy restroom in one of those fancy stores where they have couches.  It was an EPIC FAIL.  I remember trying to get her to latch on and she refused but was screaming with everything she had so of course I 'let down' and when I say sprayed, I mean I sprayed that girl with breastmilk.... trying to get her to latch on, holding her screaming body, trying to cover myself as other women were staring (some with sympathy, others with amusement, and others with disgust), and finally got myself put back together, picked everything up and rushed back out.  The look on my husband face was priceless.... it obviously did not go well since I was out in 5 minutes, my daughter was soaked from head to toe, and we were both still crying.  From that point on - we only nursed in the car where it was quiet and I had much more privacy!

When and how you came to the decision to Breastfeed.  When did you decide?  Prior to pregnancy?  During Pregnancy?  After delivery?  How did you decide?
I knew from the very beginning before I was pregnant that I would breastfeed – I was blessed to come from a family where my mother, grandmother, MIL, many cousins all breastfed and it was HUGELY accepted and encouraged. My husband used to walk down the formula aisle at the store and proudly state ‘I love boobs’ while looking at the prices.  Liquid gold it is.

How your friends, family, and significant other reacted to your decision to Breastfeed.  Were they supportive?
As I stated my husband was hugely supportive.  He was the official ‘burper’ for our children and that’s a great way to get him involved.

How long did you Breastfeed?  Why did you go that long?  Why did you stop at that point?  Was this a difficult transition for you or baby?
I breastfed my daughter until she was 14 months – the transition wasn’t too bad.  My son was still nursing at 14 months and I felt that it was time to wean.  Sadly it was very traumatic for both of us and after 3 miserable days we started up again.  For two more months we did evening nursings and he eventually weaned himself with no pain for me or him.  Let your child lead.

The one breastfeeding item that you could not live without?  Ie. Boppy, nursing pads, breast pump, etc.  Feel free to mention types, brand names, or models so that others know what you have used and loved.
A good sexy nursing bra.  Splurge and get a padded one – it will do wonders for your self confidence!  I used it only when I was out in public and needed to look ‘nice’ in our bedroom. So I kept it for good but it really was worth every penny .  

If given the chance to go back in time, would you change anything about your Breastfeeding experience?
Nope. Honestly not a thing.


You can catch Jessica on her blog Living Each Day for God.

Thank you Jessica for sharing your experience and your words of wisdom on the art of Breastfeeding!  ~Laura

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