Monday, October 10, 2011

Breastfeeding Guest Blogger - Sara R.

Our First Guest Blogger for this week's Breastfeeding event is Sara R.  If you have any questions or comments for Sara, please leave them below!  And please, enjoy her breastfeeding journey!  ~Laura

I have breastfed 5 kids. All five of my kids have been breastfed and all have been different.

My first, he was hard. I was told I had flat nipples and was handed a shield to use while nursing. No one told me that you should stop using it after a few weeks. After 5 weeks of nursing, I got a terrible breast infection. My sweet mother-in-law, a "retired" la leche league leader, told me that the best way was to just have him nurse it out. OUCH! It hurt so bad. And I was so sick. Fever, weakness, and I just wanted to sleep all the time. It didn't help that we were moving three states over in a week.

But I got better within a few days and moved without a hitch. But there we were, thousands of miles away from family and it was just the three of us. I lasted nursing him for 9 months. I just dried up. I don't know why I dried up, but I did. I think it might have been stress. I was going to go back to school, we moved again, and I was working. It was a crazy time, and I think my milk just couldn't survive that.

With my second, I was a little weirded out about nursing a girl. In my crazy mind, I felt it was wrong. Thankfully, my husband said I was being stupid and it would be ok. I loved nursing my daughter. I was just sad when I dried up again. This time at 6 months. My doctor told me to stop nursing because she had quit growing. It broke my heart, but I knew I just wasn't producing the milk needed to help her grow. The time we did spend nursing, was great. No infections and no hang-ups. Just that one major one. lol!

Number three, well, I dried up super early. Just shy of 4 months. I was heart broken. He was my best nurser to date. I loved the special time with him. Again, I just wasn't producing the milk to help him grown. Still, I don't know why my first three kiddos I dried up. He was such a good baby, hardly spit up.

Number four, well, he was my only child that latched on within minutes of being born. All the others wouldn't latch on until about 6 hours after birth. Then, wouldn't really eat well until they were 24 hours old. But not number 4. He rooted around for my breast and just latched on for a good 45 minutes! You can guess, that he was my best nurser! We moved to a new states a week after he was born, and even though there was a ton of stress from that, whatever happened, I was able to nurse him for 14 months! We were both done at that time and it was a great weening experience. It was so easy.

As for number five. Well, we are still going strong! He nurses ALL. THE. TIME! He is great. No problems at all. I'm planning on going for as long as we can. I'll let him tell me when we are done.

Nursing isn't easy. It hurts so bad the first month. I know with each of my kids I have cried through a few nursing. The flat nipples went away. I used the shield with my daughter, but learned that they shouldn't be used for more than a few weeks. So I said good-bye to using a shield forever a few weeks after my daughter was born. I haven't had a problem with my nipples since then. I think a few children using them helps draw them out!

Teething and nursing does not mix. My kids like to grind their gums on my nipples. Or pull back with their head, while still attached. Both will earn them a short time at nursing.

All in all, nursing is touch, but well worth it. I've had a pretty easy time with it. Starting out is hard. It really is. But it's so worth it in the end! All I can say to new moms, don't give up! The pain will go away. You'll get a hang of it. Nursing is something that you and your sweet little one learn together. And when you need help, turn to your mother, or mother-in-law, a good friend or a la leche league advisor for help! But in the end, trust your instincts! 


You can also catch Sara on her blog Outta this World with Me.

Thank you Sara for sharing your experience and your words of wisdom on the art of Breastfeeding!  ~Laura


  1. Sara is a great breastfeeding coach! I definitely think you should be a LLL leader lady! When I was really discouraged and down about the issues I was facing nursing my second, she called and talked to me, and gave me lots of comfort and reassurance that I could do it. Now 6 months into nursing my little one, I AM SOOO HAPPY that I didn't give up. You are awesome Sara, and I really don't think you know how important your phone call was to my success! Thank you! Love you!

  2. Great post Sara - you are a great example for other moms!!

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing Sara. I've successfully nursed 3 daughters. 11 months, 10 months & 14 months. I've had a hickup here & there but 99% of the time spent breastfeeding was rewarding, not only rewarding but really wonderful. I am a mass producer & wished I would have known more about donation.

  4. love this type of urban art ...can't wait to see your papers