Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Northern Essence Baby Wipe Concentrate Review

This review is for the Northern Essence Sensitive Skin Concentrate Only.

Wipe Solutions are one of those things that you are always looking for.  There are so many different ways to make wipes, different wipe solution products, and so many variations that it is fun to try them all!

Yes, you can use simple water on your wipes for a quick and simple way to make wet wipes or wipes solution.  But there are also fantastic wipes solutions that may actually cleanse baby’s bum better, prevent rash and skin breakdown, and promote healing all at the same time.

Many wipes solutions are made from either tea tree oil, lavender, or both.  These oils are great for disinfecting and cleansing, but many sensitive bottoms are too sensitive for these products.  Northern Essence has perfected a formula for wipes concentrate that does not use these ingredients but rather organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, vitamin E, mild glycerin soap, and citrus oil.  This extremely mild blend is safe for even the most sensitive of bums!

Also, this concentrate is a cinch to use!  Many solution formulas come in tabs that you have to dissolve in hot water.  Northern Essence has produced this wipes concentrate in liquid form.  The instructions are to mix 1 part concentrate with 4 parts water, I found that you can use even less of this concentrate to make it last longer and it works just as well!  Being that it is liquid, it is a cinch to mix up and either put into a spray bottle or over your wipes, whichever method you use!  No fussing with heating water, waiting for bits to dissolve, and then waiting for solution to cool!  Easy as pie!

The citrus scent is very refreshing…smells like lemon and orange.  It is a very clean smelling scent and made the wipes smell nice.  It takes some getting used to though.  Obviously I have used mostly solutions with tea tree oil, lavender, other oils, or soapy smells.  This was a scent that I was not used to and it was surprising to me when I would open my wipes.  It was not unpleasant, actually it was very nice, it just took time to get used to the different scent! J

Overall, I was quite pleased with this concentrate.  It smelled nice, it worked well, it did not irritate my extremely sensitive skinned baby, and it was extremely easy to mix up and use!  Even better, you can use less of the concentrate in your mix and make the bottle last longer and save some extra money!  Fabulous product!

Total Stars:  ★★★★★

This is review one of four from Northern Essence!  Stay tuned for more of their fabulous products!

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Note:  I personally make my wipes solution and pour it over my wipes in the container so that they are wet and ready to wipe bums.  However, you make your wipes solution, this concentrate would work well for it!

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