Friday, November 16, 2012

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

This year I have been trying really hard not to spend a ton of money on Christmas.  I do have certain traditions that I love at Christmastime that I didn't want to leave out, just because of money.  So I came to the crafty conclusion to make some things!  For instance, I love for my kids to get brand new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  They are to wear that night and when they open gifts in the morning they look adorable!  This year I bought the fabric and made the kids matching jammies!  Not only did I save some money, but they are much more special than store bought ones.

Another tradition we have is to get a new ornament every year.  Well at first I'd go to Hallmark and pick out ornaments that fit their year they had or something memorable.  It just became way to expensive.  Last year I got them each one from Walmart, but still they weren't exactly what I had in mind.  This year I decided why not make the ornaments, too! 

This pregnancy has my hands in such pain from carpal tunnel though.  I knew I couldn't do something too intense, but wanted something cute.  I picked up some clear Christmas balls.  I've done ornaments with these in past years, snowmen made out of hand prints, faces of snowmen, marbled paint inside, etc.  I needed something extremely easy this time though and also personal to each child.  I grabbed my gold paint pen and wrote on their initials. Since baby's gender is a surprise, I needed to make 2!  Then I took a pencil and used the eraser side, dipping it into red and green paint (I didn't even pour the paint out, just used the paint inside the cap after shaking the paint up) and dotted the ornament.  This made for easy peasy polka dots. I just did the top sides, so I could leave them in the carton to dry. I was going for easy!  I think they turned out really well and took me a couple minutes to complete! 

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