Friday, November 9, 2012

Packing the Hospital Bag

I know I have some time, but I am a list maker!  So even though I have about 6 weeks til baby arrives, I am itching to get a list started.  We were at Walmart this week and I picked up some baby essentials.  Some newborn Huggies, even though we cloth.  I have no idea how any of my cloth stash will fit the baby, so have to have some back up ready!  Some wipes, baby shampoo and baby wash, etc were also purchased.  I like to feel prepared.  There is nothing I am in control of while being pregnant, and I like to feel some control.  So the nesting has begun.  I feel better having stuff purchased and now to get packing!   I am starting to think about all the things that need to be packed for the hospital.  Here is my list so far.

For Labor:
Lotion for massage
Ponytail Holder
Nature sounds CD and headset
Change for snack machine (for Daddy)
Camera and charger
Video Camera and charger
Cell phone and charger

For Postpartum:
Boppy Pillow
Bed Pillow
Nursing Cover
Nursing Pajamas
Nursing Bra 
Big Granny Panty style Undies ;)
Going Home Outfit for Baby
Warm Blanket for Baby
Fun items for Big Brother and Sister

Okay so what am I forgetting???? Leave a post to what you wish you had or are so glad you remembered!


  1. Replies
    1. LOL!! This would be a cardinal sin!!! ;)

  2. We were in Kittanning so our food choices were really limited... I remember being starving after having all my kids so we packed some major food to be able to eat... ha ha. and outfit for you to come home in.

  3. LMAO...Yes, don't forget Gramma Rita!!!

    Socks! Warm, don't care if you get blood on them during labor and delivery, socks! And socks/slippers/flip flops for post partum.

    Your Kindle and charger!

    hmmmm....i will think more...

    Oh, and don't forget BFF! :) (stole from Gramma Rita)