Friday, November 23, 2012

One month to go!

I am due December 22nd, so I have only one month left til my due date.  I of course am hopeful that I go a bit early, just so it's not so close to Christmas!  I do realize there is a big chance that it will be close, since thirds are unpredictable, and I only went 2 days early with A.  C was induced 5 days before my due date, but so far I have no signs of needing an induction!  I had high blood pressure with him, and this pregnancy has been doing really well so far.  Fingers crossed it stays that way, as I don't enjoy pitocin!! Who does!

  I plan on having a natural birth like I did with A.  I went in and was 3 cm with her, walked the halls to keep progressing.  I used the birthing ball and listened to a nature cd, found comfort in the shower with DH rubbing my back with soap.  A entered this world, 12 hrs after my first contractions at home.  I had no pain medication and though it was very intense, it was a wonderful birth that I'd love to repeat.  Thankful to have such a supportive husband to be by my side again for our last baby's birth.  We choose what works best for myself and our babies.  After having such a traumatic pitocin induction with an epidural, needing forceps and a 4th degree episiotomy, I am very pro natural!  I of course realize that things arise and birth is never predictable, but I;ll be going in with the intention to do all in my power to have a natural and pain medication free birth again. 

This time of the year is so busy, so not sure how much you'll be hearing from me on Fridays.  I will have wifi at the hospital, so I hope to put up a post about baby's arrival and how our birth went.  Also, things to look forward to are a few reviews I will be doing once baby comes!!!  The most exciting part of baby's arrival for us, is finding out if we'll be adding a little brother or sister to the family!!! Can't wait!!!

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