Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I need someone to explain this to me...

So I don't understand the appeal of prefolds.  For those of you who use prefolds and covers and/or a snappi please explain this to me.  I just don't quite understand.  I don't think they fit as well and they are a little more difficult due to having to either fit the prefold with a snappi and then cover or trying to keep the prefold centered in the cover.  AIOs and Pockets just seem SOOO much easier to me.  Is it just my preference or am I not getting something?  I do admit that they absorb like there is no tomorrow...but I can't seem to get the hang of it.

Many have said that prefolds are easier with newborns because they go through so many diapers.  Again, I do not understand.  If I am already having this trouble with the prefolds and covers...why would I want to do MORE of this with a newborn...on an ever smaller/ harder to diaper child.

I am at a loss.  I need prefold and cover 101.  I just don't get it.  Please help.  I want to learn more!!!  I will take any and all tips, explanations, etc.  Teach me oh wise ones!!

On a lighter note.  I do have to say that my covers have been God sends lately.  My LO has been having rash problems...again...daddy is to blame...again.  So I have been using my covers and shells with GroVia BioSoakers...WOW!!!  I love those things!!!  If you have never tried them, check them out!  Great for when you need to put non cloth diaper safe cream on!!!  They are available from Kelly's Closet through my affiliate link on the right side of my blog.


  1. Newborns are easier to diaper, because they don't wiggle around so much. Putting a prefold on is easier for a smaller baby. The washing is super easy too, they dry super fast! I love pockets and fitteds for older babies, they are much easier to get on quickly!

  2. I think because they are easy to care for and very affordable? I havent' cloth diapered a newborn, but I think they are very popular for ickle little babies!!

  3. I've often wondered the same thing, but I guess it would really keep all messes in. I'm following from the cloth diaper blog hop! Great to meet you!

  4. I learned of your blog from the cloth diaper blog hop.

    I LOVE my prefolds! I know everyone has different preferences, and that's OK, but here is why I love them:

    1. They don't take much room in the diaper bag (compared to pockets or AIO), and if you find the right cover that they lay in nicely, they can go on really easily (it does take a bit of practice to make sure no prefold is poking out the back of the cover, etc.). They also don't take up as much room in the washer or the laundry drying rack (or clothesline) because there are less pieces when you re-use the cover a few times.

    2. They aren't picky about detergent, so if you forget to bring your own detergent when traveling, it isn't the end of the world. If I put a pocket diaper on my son, and it has been washed in less-than-perfect detergent, he gets a rash.

    3. They have no elastic or velcro to wear out so I can use them hopefully for several more children. If future children are chubbier or skinnier than the current one, I just need to buy a different brand/type of covers, which is a whole lot cheaper than buying a whole new set of pocket diapers or all in ones.

    4. They can be used multiple ways: I liked to snappi them when my baby was little because he wasn't wiggling around as much anyway, and it helped keep the poop contained. Now that he's older and wigglier and the poop isn't as runny, I just lay them in the cover and velcro the cover on.

    5. Cute. A tiny baby in a little pinned prefold is a great photo op. And I like seeing them all waving on the line. Any diapers are cute on the line though.

    6. Extra-green. After use as a diaper,they can be used as potty training floor protection and cleanup, or household cleaning. When they're totally done for, they could safely be burned or composted, whereas synthetic fibers cannot.

    7. Toilet-dunkable. I know, gross. I'm too cheap for a diaper sprayer, and when the poop is not completely solid I do toilet dunk. With prefolds you simply fold it in half with the poopy side outwards and dunk the poopy part, keeping your hands on the clean corners. I have tried dunking a pocket diaper and it was a mess.

    8. Not stay-dry. I think this helps kids potty train more easily.

  5. Well, the newborn is the easiest to diaper. And since they aren't wiggling around, it is easy to put a prefold on them. I also like that they are very affordable, since the newborns grow so quickly out of their diapers. Honestly they fit newborns better, IMHO, than pockets do. Also you can use the same cover again and again, just changing the prefold until pee or poop gets on it. So that cuts down on how many you need also. Think of how many diapers newborns go through, you need at least 24 to get through two days. And what new mommy wants to wash more than that often. So 24 prefolds, and say 6 covers, and you are set. Think about the price difference. And my OS pockets didn't fit well until my baby was bigger. I should have just called you on the phone, we should talk in person about this some time, instead of all this typing! LOL Oh and the prefold soak up that EBF poop so well! :) Never any blow outs! :)

  6. Oh, and some covers are easier than others. I would recommend Weehuggers to a beginning prefold-er, because they really hold the prefold/flat/insert in nicely and go on in one step like a pocket diaper.