Thursday, December 2, 2010

A little too OCD? I think not...

So, I did diaper laundry last night.  And this morning I set forth to stuff all of my diapers.  Over the months that I have been cloth diapering, I have accumulated a couple of this and one of that and I have a ton of different diapers.  I take stuffing of the diapers very seriously.  Most of the inserts have no markings on them, and I am very conscious of what insert CAME with what diaper.  I can come up with all kinds of excuses.  One such excuse is the fact that I am doing cloth diaper reviews on here.  I want to give you the best review possible and to do this I must use and review the diaper as it was given to me; this means with the specific insert that it came with.  If I accidentally put a Fuzzibunz insert into a bumGenius diaper, how is this helpful to you???  I can use this as a rationale, but the truth is, I was OCD about this before I even decided to start the blog!!!

You can be happy with the knowledge though...all reviews are reviews of the diaper and insert that it comes with!!!  I know a lot of people (especially for night time use) will use a different insert with their diapers.  And as I venture into more night time use, I may find some of these tricks as well.  But for now, I want my reviews to be on what you get out of the package if you order one of these diapers.  I find that this is most helpful to you!

Note:  While I am OCD about this, I am not to the point where specific inserts go with a specific diaper.  Fuzzibunz inserts go into Fuzzibunz diapers...but I do not know which insert came in the purple Fuzzibunz or the yellow or the pink or the brown, etc!!!  I keep brands together, not specific diapers and inserts!  Although, I do keep the bG 3.0's and bG 4.0's separate as they are a little different!

Am I out on a limb here...or are there others of you that do this too???


  1. I don't think it's OCD at all, Laura. Makes perfect sense to me! :D

    Love how you laid the diapers out for a photo! Looks like a rainbow of cloth diapers. :)

  2. I do this same thing! :) Definitely makes sense to me, and whether it's OCD or not, we are in the same boat! LOL And I agree I love the picture, so pretty! :)