Monday, December 20, 2010

Stay Tuned for Under Cover Month!

I am THRILLED to announce that The Mommy Goods is teaming up with Cloth Diaper Addiction and other blogs to present "Under Cover Month!"

I have been quite open and honest in the past about my lack of understanding when it comes to fitteds, prefolds/ flats, and covers!  Well, it seems that I am not alone and that many cloth diapering parents out there shy away from these "old-fashioned" diapering methods!  This is how "Under Cover Month" has developed.  In order to raise awareness and understanding of these ultra reliable diapering options and hopefully raise awareness of how easy they are to use, Cloth Diaper Addiction decided to put on an event called "Under Cover Month."  As the title implies, this event will be focused on those diapers/ diapering products/ etc that have to deal with covers and what to use under a cover!

Under Cover Month will take place March 6th-26th so mark your calendars!!!  Week one will be all about Fitteds.  Week two will be all about Prefolds and Flats.  And Week three will be dedicated to covers!  The event will bring you mamas lots of information (the do's, don'ts, and how-to's!), reviews, and best of all....GIVEAWAYS!!!  I know that I have some AMAZING giveaways from some AWESOME sponsors already lined up!  And let me tell you...I am totally JEALOUS of you guys because I cannot enter to win these great items and packages!!!

So stay tuned!  And make sure that you are following all of the blogs involved including The Mommy Goods and Cloth Diaper Addiction as we will ALL be having our own reviews and giveaways!!!  Many chances to win and many great prizes!!!  Links below are for the participating blogs, check them out!!!

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