Monday, August 30, 2010

Diaper Itch.

Where is the UPS man???  My latest installment of diapers is to come by UPS today and I am just on edge waiting for that big brown truck to pull up to my house!!!  I never thought that the UPS man would be my favorite person!!  But since I have gotten into fluffy cloth diapers, I can't wait to see his face!!  Funny how things like that excite you!!!

I am most excited to get using my cloth wipes!!!  It just seems silly to use disposable wipes and cloth diapers.  You just have one more step.  You have to get your cloth dipe into the wet bag or pail (after disposing of possible poops) and then put the wipe into the trash or diaper genie.  Then, you have those icky wipes smelling up the trash (something you thought would end when dipes weren't going in the trash).  So it just seems silly.  I can't wait to get my cloth wipes going and then they can just go into the wet bag with the diaper...and DONE!!  Fabulous!!!

I am also excited to try out my new diapers!  I am waiting on a Doopsy OS in Smiley blue, Bum Essentials Bumbino in Sunshine yellow, GroVia AIO in Ice Blue, and a Tot Bots Easy Fit OS in Blueberry!!  I guess I was feeling "blue" when I ordered...I got three blue dipes!!!  But that means they are good for girls and they will be great when number 2 comes!!!  (not sure when that will be, but I have diapers for him/her!!)  So excited!!!  And even better...I am waiting on the Mystery diaper!  Kelly's Closet has MANY free diaper coupons out waiting for the mystery diaper is very exciting!!!  Can't wait to see what it is!!

So, Dear Sweet UPS man...where are you?

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