Thursday, July 12, 2012


So I bailed on a post last week. Sorry about that. I normally aim to have the post wrote and saved by Wednesday evening but last Wednesday was the 4th and then Thursday was insane! Grocery shopping, lunch with a former teaching from HS, then couple hours making sure my daughter didn't drown at a CEF day camp... good times ha!

This week has been no better. I am trying hard to limit my on-line time but darn it's hard... really hard.  But I've been attempting to get back to goals for each day and moving more instead of sitting in one spot.:) So much easier said then done.

Today I thought I would share with you some of the ways I get coupons... people often wonder how in the world I get so many coupons... well people love me! :) hee hee But seriously - because I help so many people out with my savings they in return give me their coupons and share what they have... it's a wonderful cycle. So ask - ask your coworkers, your husband's coworkers, your friends, your family - anyone you can think of - you'll be surprised how willing people are to pass along coupons.

Below is a list of place online that I use to print coupons as well - these are legit sites that I use regularly. - love this one - such an easy way to earn swagbucks... too easy almost ;) - don't use this one too much but they do sometimes have great deals!

Also - if you have two computers - use them both!!! I have a desktop and a laptop so I can print double the coupons - use your resources!!!

*The above links are my referral links - I earn a very small percentage upon you signing up or printing coupons through my link - as a SAHM I appreciate all the help!*

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