Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Take Time...

I have been totally wrapped up in finding a job the past three weeks of my summer vacation, I have forgotten the most important thing: having fun with D!  Daddyguy and I took Cub (who is now known as Drama because he "acts just like his mother" according to his father!!)  to the beach today!  I needed to get out of the house, away from the computer (hence why this is so so late--that and the fact that I am in SoCal and my time is later than the rest of you : )

I watched D play in the sand, Daddyguy jump in the ocean and we had a great time taking pictures.  I was able to finally relax and realize that THIS is why I work--to be able to have this awesome vacation time and have some money to get the cupcake sampler from Crumbs (OMG!  NUMNUM as D said!!)  The job I was offered isn't exactly my dream job but I can maybe make it so for the school year!  We will see.

As for the rest of my summer, I vow to have fun, make memories and to soak up every ounce of D that I can.  This will sustain me through the hard commute...the hours of planning 6 courses...the attitude of big kids!  

<3 Jen

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