Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So-Sew MiMi Review and Giveaway!

    Happy Independence Day TMGers!  Today (which is not my regular day) I have decided to do a review and giveaway!  I have to start off by saying I LOVE the whole idea and meaning behind the products that I have had the pleasure of adding to my (and my Mother's) jewlery collection.  This peice of jewlery represents the GREATEST things in my life, my children.  Not only is it beautiful and well made, it is done in the most adorable of ways ... as a VEGTABLE!  I am talking about none other that the PEAPOD NECKLACE!!!!  I think this is a perfect and fun way to "display" your children. 

When I had opened the envelope, this is what I was greeted with ...

    This hand-made, wire-wrapped, customizable creation arrives on a 20" silver chain, though other lengths are available upon request .  As you can see I recieved 4 green "peas" but you can customize your's with any color you choose and, of course, as many as you need.  I choose 4 even though Pvt. K is not due to arrive until the end of December, I used this necklace as my way to announce my pregnancy to family and friends!  There is a wonderful chart located on the So-Sew MiMi Facebook page that lists all the birthstones and colors. 

These necklaces have so much character.  And I LOVE this Mama's attention to detail ...
Look at those sweet little curly cues!!! Perfect <3

(My children LOVE to straighten my curly cues ... But have no fear Mama's,
one quick wrap around a toothpick and you are good to go!)

The back is also covered with the silver wire to make the desired pod effect.

It also lays in just the right spot.

I think what I love most about this necklace is that EVERY peice made is truly One of A Kind!

    This Mama also makes a birdnest version of this wire wrapped pendant.  And little did she know that when I asked her if I could give our followers a choice of either a pod or a nest that I had already owned one of her beautiful birdnests!  A friend purchased it for me as a gift before the knowledge of the fourth child.  Luckily, my mother has three girls and a love for birds because it made the perfect gift for her <3

As you can see, the nest is just as cute and creative as the pod! 
They are also completely customizable as well.

    As you know, I love sharing the talented Mama behind the creations story.  I know alot of you Mamas out there can relate to this Mama's situation and being that today is the 4th of July I thought this HAD to be the day I did her review and giveaway =)  Here's what Jamie, the creator behind So-Sew MiMi, had to say ...

    " I am a Navy wife and SAHM to 2 kids. SSM was established in 2011 to fulfill my crafty/creative side. It all started with stuffed Easter bunnies, I was making one for each of my kids and I thought...."these are kind of cute, maybe other people might like one for there kid's Easter baskets." So after I received a pretty good response with the bunnies I thought of a name and made a FB page. I do embroidery, crochet a little, sew, re-purpose things and (my current favorite) create jewelry. I do custom work as well and like to tell people that if they don't see what they are looking for on my page, contact me. We can hash out the details together."

    Well said Jamie and thank you so much for your beautiful creations!  I cannot not wait to make my next order and I do believe it's going to be fluffy (and toothy) this time =)

    You can check out peapods, birdnests and all of Jamie's So-Sew MiMi creations:

and on her Website:

    Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy your 4th of July holiday and be safe! ~Robin =)

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  1. I'd love to win a peapod necklace! I'd need three since baby is due in Dec!

  2. I have 5 peas in my pod! Mary,16, Sam, 13, Tahoma, 12, Ferrill 6, and Maybelle, 1. And, yes, we are done!
    Rafflecopter:Mechele JOhnson

  3. I am not done adding peas to my pod :) we just have one right now, but I'd love to get this necklace for my mother, and when we are done adding to our family I'd love to get this for myself!! It's so cute.

  4. We have 2 peas right now - 1 is out of the house already and the other is barely starting pre-K! We also have an Angel who would have been 3 if she would have lived. We are hopefully not done yet though - been TTC for 3 years!

  5. I have three peas in my pod! My five year old grandson, my three year old grandson & my little princess is now nine months old.

  6. I have 4 peas :) Mason 7, kaden 3, twins Brady and Cameron 7 weeks

  7. I have a 23 month old son ... and a 24 week in the womb