Thursday, July 19, 2012

School Supplies

I had someone ask me what's the best way to stock up on school supplies - either for going back to school or homeschooling.  (I LOVE direction in posts!).

I did a post on free office supplies here - check it out.

By far the easiest way to get free back to school supplies is to sign up for swagbucks, start earning swagbucks, redeem swagbucks for gift cards, buy supplies from, and use gift cards to get FREE supplies.  But this does take a bit of time - so I would start now for next year! :)

But there are a couple other options to score cheap supplies. There's always wally world (Wal-Mart) starting it seems after Christmas they start advertising their back-to-school specials.

Office Max - every week they have special in-store deals for super cheap! And you would be silly to not take advantage of their Max Perks program - wonderful way to stock up on copy paper, ink, pens, etc for free.

Office Depot - I don't know much about them as we don't have one near us but from other posts I see - they have great deals as well!

Staples - I am just beginning to shop here on a regular basis. They have an Easy Rebates program that seems so simple - buy the stuff, submit your data, and receive a check.  But you do have to have the cash up front to purchase the items (similar to Office Max).  They have been having really awesome deals on back-to-school supplies - plus always be on the look out for clearance!

While I could easily (ok not really - I just don't have that much time and resources) I would highly recommend Hip2Save - she puts together fantastic back-to-school deals each week!

*And don't forget if you are shopping on-line to be sure to go through a cash back program such as Ebates or Shopathome!

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