Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Works Like A Charm Nursing Necklace Review ... And Giveaway =)

   Good Morning TMG followers! It is time for my first official post and I thought I'd start off with a review and giveaway that is near and dear to my heart ... literately! We're talking about breastfeeding! I am currently breastfeeding my 4mo Velociraptor and she is going strong! My plan is to breastfeed her as long as she wants to (as long as she keeps her teeth to herself!) Yes teeth, my 4mo has recently popped her 2 bottom front teeth in and she keeps using her teeth =( Luckily I was given this beautiful and functional nursing necklace as a baby gift from Works Like A Charm!

                 Here is Velociraptor at 2 weeks already knowing how to use it... My boobies thank her!

    I am so glad to have recieved this, until you have used one you have no idea how nice it is to feed your baby without the worry of having your hair pulled or your "boo boos" scratched and pinched! I remember with Jubbs and Cpt. Caveman all the fistfulls of my hair and all the painful bruises and scratches... it's NO fun! But with this very simple yet very pretty necklace I no longer have to worry about that! She has recently has been also using it for its other use which is a wooden teether and she loves it!

  The first nursing/teething necklace I recieved is made up of a 2" natural, hand-sanded wooden Birch ring and finished with organic olive oil. It has a beautiful 30mm Fancy Jasper donut and wooden accent bead. Keeps little ones hands busy while eating. The wooden ring can be used as a teether, but the stone donut should not! It is on a black satin adjustable cord. One continual cord for safety. No clasps that could break, no worries of loose beads. The Jasper is perfectly neutrally colored so it goes with anything!

    The second  nursing/teething necklace I recieved is made up of a 2 1/2" natural, hand-sanded wooden Birch ring and finished with organic olive oil. It has a beautiful 40mm Pink&Blue Howlite Turquoise stone donut. The pink and blue coloring on this stone really makes this necklace POP!

   As you can see the Howlite Turquoise and the Fancy Jasper necklaces are different in size, though that does NOT affect their functions of this necklace in the least. The sizes and colors of all her different choices is merely for style preferences! (In this picture you can also see the opposite side of the Howlite Turquoise.)

    These beautiful creations of Work Like A Charm are not the only products she makes! She also used these hand-sanded wooden rings along with natural bamboo velour that is knotted and has came up with one of the nicest, functioning teethers my LOs have ever fought over (LOL)! Cpt. Caveman is constantly stealing the wooden ring and wearing it as a bracelet while the Velocirapor is left crying!

  I feel so lucky to have been able to try these products and more so that my kids have been able to benefit from them and will continue to due so through their breastfeeding/teething journey. And even better yet, Mommy will always have these beautiful necklaces to wear whether I have a nursing/teething baby or not!

Because I am an avid supporter and admirer of WAHMs and LOVE knowing what inspired them to start their own business from home .... made up of their own creations from the heart, I thought you enjoy learning a little about what inspired them too =) So here is what Celeste, the creator behind Work Like A Charm nursing and teething accessories, has to say ...

"Hello, My name is Celeste. I am the wahm behind “Works Like A Charm” Nursing necklaces.
I have been married to my wonderful husband since 2007 and we have two children.

When my son was born in 2009 I was determined to breastfeed. As he got a little bigger and more curious, I realized I was getting a lot of hair pulled, chest scratches, and delicate jewelry broken! That is when I started making my own nursing necklaces made of safe non-toxic materials and strong cord to withstand all of the tugs and pulls it would take! And to my delight they “Worked like a charm”!

My Daughter was born only one year later in 2010, and this time around I had worn my nursing necklaces from the very beginning and as long as I had it on I never lost even one strand of hair! It got me thinking that I probably wasn’t the only breastfeeding mother that had this problem and that other mother’s would benefit from these nursing necklaces as well. So in early 2011 Works Like A Charm was born and has been a very helpful accessory to breastfeeding mothers ever since."

    Well said Celeste! And I must say myself ... they really do work like a charm!  Not only has Celeste so graciously offered these beautiful (and extremely helpful) necklaces up for me to review, she has also sent me one for a giveaway so one of you lucky ladies can try one too! This is the 2" hand-sanded (by Celeste) natural Birch wood ring with a 3mm Unikite stone donut and a wooden bead accent ~ Beautiful, isn't it?

Check out Works Like A Charm ...

     I have also heard that Miss Celeste has now started another WAHM business .... I ALSO heard that its quite fluffy .... =)

*Random breastfeeding tip... I have found that if you unclench at least one of their little fists while their eating and leave it lay flat in your hand or on your cheek and the rapid suckling will calm to a more gentle and relaxing feeding for both Mama and Baby!
("Tips" are just MY experieces that I am passing on)
Thank you all for reading and GOOD LUCK! ~Robin

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  1. After having my daughter, I decided to read and educate myself on ingredients in everyday household items. I was astonished and decided to replaced unnatural items with more natural items as they were finished. I now make my own cleaning spray of vinegar and water. This way if my daughter gets into it, I don't have to worry so much.

  2. We have so much exposure to potentially harmful chemicals every day that's beyond out control that I try to cut out things that I can control! I think using as many natural products as possible just makes sense.

  3. I so need this necklace.... it would help so much while eating dinner... I could actually eat instead of hanging on to baby girl's hand so she doesn't pull my plate off the table :)

  4. Natural just feels better! Also gives me piece of mind and it feels great to care about the little things because they truly do make a difference.

  5. Want less harsh chemical with baby. Just made lemon lime vinegar cleaner. Now need a hard wood safe natural DIY recipe.

  6. I use natural to keep as many chemicals and additives away from my family

  7. I like to avoid as many harsh chemicals as possible, so I only use natural products. I think they smell better, too!

  8. I'd like to use more natural products because they aren't quite as dangerous to have around the house.

  9. My daughter uses organic and natural products in her home. This would be a perfect example of this for my granddaughter.

  10. I want to limit the amount of chemicals we are exposed to every day.

  11. Chemicals smell horrible. I want to keep them as far away from my family as possible.

  12. We switched to making our own natural cleaners about 6 months ago I guess. Not only does it save me a ton of money, but it smells better, works better, and keeps unnecessary toxins out of our home!

  13. I am due with number 3 and am trying to be so much more natural/conservative this time around. This will be the first I am cloth diapering and babywearing and would love to try other good for baby/natural things.

  14. I use natural products because they are healthier for my family.

  15. I sue natural items because they are better for my family and for the enviroment.