Thursday, June 7, 2012

MaxPerks = Free Office Supplies

Unfortunately this week is not a great week for MaxPerks but if you have all of this legwork done ahead of time then the week that they do have great deals you won't be wasting your time in creating all your accounts.  Many of the MaxPerks offers sell out very quickly so 1st thing you want to do on Monday morning (or Sunday afternoon) is check to see if there is anything you need or want.

Here's my step by step instruction for hopefully getting some free office/teaching supplies (after your initial investment/purchase):

1. Sign up for MaxPerks here. You do not need to be a business to participate - they also have a teacher program.

2. Create an account on Office Max.

2. Sign up for either Ebates (Free $10 gift card after your 1st $25 purchase) and/or ShopatHome ($5 credit). I could recommend these programs until I'm blue in the face. They are truly wonderful and the easiest way to earn extra money if you shop online. 
*A tip - stick a post-it note on whatever credit card you use when you purchase online to remind you to go through one of these sites. 

3. After signing up for your cash back program.  Search for Office Max and 'shop' through your program. Always check both reward programs to see if there are any specials rates happening.

4. Find the MaxPerks section on Office Max.  Purchase items that qualify for Max Perks.
*A tip - Free shipping when you spend $50 so I make sure I am earning at least $50 in Max Perks on each order so in the following orders I won't have to pay shipping and maybe just a little OOP (Out of Pocket) in tax. 

5. When you check out make sure you enter your MaxPerks ID in the correct spot (or you will not receive credit).

6. Your MaxPerks will appear on the next cycle statement (normally a month).  After they do the next time you order you will enter your MaxPerks rewards in the payment section while checking out.  You will sign in to MaxPerks and write down the card number and pin number for payment.

7. I keep a simple spreadsheet to keep track of what I have earned, spent, OOP costs, and expiration dates (90 days from issuance) so I don't lose credits.

8. Be sure to go through Ebates or ShopatHome each time you make a purchase (on anything online) this is a wonderful way to stash some extra cash. :) I just received another check in the mail yesterday $34.65! Love it.

I will be checking the comments often - if you have any questions please leave them there and I will respond accordingly. Thanks!

*The above links are my referral links... I receive a very small amount when you sign up - sort of like a virtual tip :)

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