Friday, June 29, 2012

Babywearing PSA

 Please make sure with any carrier that you use, that you use common sense and make sure baby is secure and follow any instructions to a T.   There have been many times I’ve seen mamas wearing carriers incorrectly.  Use the instruction manual that your carrier comes with.  If you’ve bought one that doesn’t have a manual use the internet to search and make sure you are using it properly.  Baby wearing is a completely safe practice, but like anything there can be user error.  Make sure you are knowledgeable.  There is a wonderful website, that is phenomenal for covering the how to’s of all carriers.  Even some I haven’t worn myself!   Use you tube to search for how to’s on baby wearing.  There are so many wonderful videos that other mamas have shared to help you wear your baby safely and comfortably.   Here are some quick things I have noticed many times!

* Snugli and Bjorn carriers, are not ideal because the baby is just dangly by it’s crotch.  Therefore all the babies weight is being put on it’s growing and developing spine.  These carriers are not my preferred carrier.

*Bag slings, just the name tells you that there is something wrong.  Who would put there infant in a bag?  These have been pretty much eliminated in stores like Walmart because of infant deaths.  So make sure if you are buying second hand you do not purchase this so called sling. 

*Loose straps/wrap.  Make sure you have your straps whether using a ring sling or wrap (we call them rails) tight and taught.  This will not only keep your baby safe and snug it will also be MUCH more comfortable for mama!

* Wearing babies forward facing.  Now I am not going to tell you that it’s forbidden, though many avid baby wearers discourage this.  The main reason is that this makes baby have no choice but to be stimulated.  If the baby is in a hip, back or on your front carry they are able to choose what they want to be involved with and also take comfort in mama when they are starting to get over stimulated.  There are also certain carriers you can not and should not forward face a baby.  Make sure your carrier is one that has this option, like the moby or a pouch sling.  Most SSC don’t want you doing this.  If baby is old enough to have head control you are better off doing a back carry and they can see the world but still feel safe and secure. 

*Do not do a forward facing carry if your baby doesn’t have good head control. 

*And this is one that I think every baby wearing mama is not proud to admit to doing, yet we have all done it.  Be super aware of baby being there.  Like walls, doorways, etc.  Oh you may think that this is not going to happen to you, but once that baby carrier is to the point where it’s part of your body you will forget baby is back there and turn a corner to sharp.  Believe me. 

*And my last one, if you have misplaced your child.  You have been busy and all the sudden you do not know where you child could be… not in the play pen, not in the usual guilty spots.  Look on your back…there is a very good chance that said child is still hanging out on mamas back and you have officially lost your mind! ;)  Many will wonder how you have forgotten that you are toting around a 20 lb child on your own back, but like I said it’s something that will become a part of you and you won’t know what to do without a carrier! LOL  Yes I am guilty of this, and don’t be surprised if you will be too!!! J

Happy Baby Wearing!!!


  1. <3 i saw an infant (couldn't have been more than 2 weeks old) facing forward in a carrier (the V crotch kind)...i just made me sad :-( i wish people would do research...great post Laura!

  2. Thanks Melissa! I saw someone using a pouch sling incorrectly this week where we saw fireworks. It's so important to use the carrier properly!