Friday, October 5, 2012

Mommy Time

We all give of ourselves 24/7 as mothers, whether we work outside the home or are stay at home moms.  It's what being a mother is.  Once that baby is born, it's like you are constantly giving of yourself.  It's one of the most special and rewarding jobs we can have to be a mother.  That said, we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves as well.  Sometimes it's just so easy to get into a rut and not do anything that is just for us.  I have been feeling that rut lately.  I have been feeling very overwhelmed.  Being pregnant with two children is no small task.  C started half day PreK this year, and it's been a big adjustment for us all.  Mama doesn't have as much energy or patience while she's pregnant either, which isn't helping much.  So I've been trying to find times where I can get away and just be me for a bit.

 My local town had a consignment sale a couple weeks ago.  Two of my closest friends and I went there for only a couple hours.  It was so nice being away with adult friends and having no kids to wrangle.  We all felt so refreshed heading back to our lives.  We vowed we needed to do this again, and much more often. Today we'll be taking a trip to a bigger town that has lots of shopping and yummy restaurants.  Since my sciatic is bothering me so much, we'll probably only hit a few stores instead of the whole town like we used to.  That will be just fine, and we'll stop for lunch somewhere tasty and get to sit and relax!  We won't have to cut up anyone's food or entertain someone while we wait for our meal to be served. Ahh, sounds wonderful!  We get together a good bit, but it's always with our children.  There is just no way to really talk like we'd like, when wrangling kids the whole time. 

I have been thinking lately a lot about taking more time for myself, and trying to come up with some ideas.  Baths are something I very rarely do, but recently bought some fancy handmade bath salts.  It's not running off, but it's a time to get away and leave my cares behind while I shut and lock the door behind me.  A has preschool once a week for two hours, and on the days I'm not volunteering there I've done things for myself as well.  I like to splurge on a yummy cappuccino or hot chocolate.  Shopping kid free for two hours, can be just as much of a treat!  My husband and I had to have my mom watch the kids a few times recently so we could do something, one day was an ultra sound, the other a public school auction.  While she had them we took the time to grab a bite to eat somewhere we never take the kids.  It was at a bar, so to avoid the smoke we sat out on the porch.  It was so nice to feel completely like an adult, not just a mom.  The first day A had preschool I went to the mall and got a pedicure.  It was so strange to be free, but it really makes such a difference in my ability to mother my children.  When I am refreshed and renewed I'm ready to take on the kids and not lose my cool constantly. 

What are some ways you take a break from being mom and just treat yourself?  My challenge to you all is to try to do at least one thing a week that's only for you and no one else!  Let's vow to start taking better care of US!


  1. I love this post. I too am horrible at doing stuff for me. I did just recently join a gym so I guess thatvcounts as some mommy time. And most recently I got to see your baby bump!!! ;)

  2. I've told Laura...even if it's just taking the time to enjoy a bath (totally alone, daddy has to watch the kids), that'll help you wind down and be ready to face whatever comes next. :)