Thursday, October 11, 2012

Already a Change

So last time I wrote I spoke briefly on my daughter and some of her issues.

I've also spoke on our homeschooling journey that we've started.

And now that journey has changed already.  I started out with the A Beka Curriculum. I loved the all in one - give me daily lesson plans, etc.  And while I love the Numbers curriculum and the success we are having with it - we've already ditched the Phonics and Writing (CURSIVE! for a 5 yr old!!!).

The phonics just was not working for her - we were on week two and things just weren't 'clicking'.  The curriculum started with vowels.  I realized she just wasn't retaining the information. When I asked her what sound I made she had no idea.... if I asked her what sound I made in 'pig' she knew.... if I asked her what vowel was in 'pig' she had no idea. If I asked her what vowel is in 'pig' like in Indian (the word we used to learn the I sound).... she did know that. But only because I said Indian - not because she knew the sound.  She could associate the vowel with the word we initially learned it with but not beyond that.  It was a very frustrating process to both her and I - it was no longer enjoyable (which is what I really want my homeschool experience to be!).

While I was at the A Beka curriculum fair another young mother and I exchanged contact info. She later called me to tell me she didn't feel like she could speak freely in front of the salesman.  totally understandable. But she did not like the phonics section either and used a different book for reading... oh I wish she would have told me that before we bought all of it.... :( but oh well. Live and learn right?

So two weeks ago I went ahead and ordered the new book (Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons).  Then spent 4 days reading the instructions and mentally preparing for switching approaches to reading. So far it's going great!!!  We are on lesson 6 and only yesterday had a rough day with my little one not wanting to sit still and pay attention.  And those days are going to come and looking back on it all three of my children were wild and out of control - must be the cool weather!

But anyhow - I've come to realize already that things aren't going to be perfect, I'm going to have to tweak constantly and who knows maybe A Beka will work for my son or we'll have to go with a completely different program.  It's going to be a learning experience for me too - about myself and more about my children!

Does anyone have any thoughts on this book or the A Beka curriculum?

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